Rapstress Gita On Her Drag Persona, Blue Ivy Versus North West, And How “Turning Up” Is Over

Oakland, CA transplant Gita is killing the underground rap game in New York City (AND China) right now. Her hot pink hair, 90’s fashion vibez, and slick spit skills have gotten the attention of the web’s coolest inhabitants after releasing her first EP, Escaping the Dream World, along with videos for popular songs like ‘Hood Rich’ and ‘Mardi Gras’. We hit Gita up while she’s been away in Shanghai working on some new music to find out what she’s been up to.


What would your drag name be and why?

I’ve been calling myself ‘Enrique” for hella years, lmfao! That’s my drag name when I style my girls or hook myself up in front of the mirror.  Everyone has an inner drag sweetie (Enrique talking).

Favorite candy from when you were a kid?

Lucas the lime/salty candy. That was crack off the ice cream truck.

Who would win in a walkup: Blue Ivy or North West and why?

North would probably win in a walk up against Blue cause I think she’s a natural born fashion killa. Both dem babies are gorgeous.

Tupac or Biggie and why?

I’d say Pac all day. Pac got folks thinking on another level, it’s sad that people couldn’t see him flourish more in this world. He was so influential, he shed his true skin in and outside the booth. I’m getting deep.

Are you living for or tired of the “turn up” trend and why?

Bahhahahha! Ummm… ‘turn up’ is just as bad as saying ‘Datz wavy’. Words have their moments in pop culture. Like rachet & twerk been in the hood for the longest, Don’t get me started lol. But to answer your question, I don’t live for the term ‘turn up’– You won’t catch Gita saying ‘turn up’. I’ve said and used it back in the day when things we’re about to pop off like “bruh was hella turnt up” and “perked”, dat’s what we say in the Bay where I’m from– ‘Let’s get perked up’! Quite similar.

What Powerpuff girl would you be and why?

Now this is tough cause I’m like Buttercups, but then again I’m like Bubbles too. I’m mean and sweet , but I’ll go with Bubbles cause I strive to be sweet.

Who’s your dream baby mama and why?

At this moment in time it’s Kerry “Olivia Pope’ Washington from Shona Rimes’ show Scandal. That show is soooo hot…I’m loving Kerry! She’s  def wifey material.


Dream collab?

My dream collab would have been Aaliyah– that’s at the top. I think everyone would have wanted to groove with her. Prince is my ultimate tho.

What’re the ultimate signs someone is “Hood Rich”?

Definition of Hood Rich: Living in a neighborhood where no one knows your business, but you just moved there with your Escalade parked on 24’s in your driveway. The fridge decked out with hella Juice, some bougie ass water like some MTV fridge, and you stay doing the most and people wonder how. Yo clothes hella bougie, yo friends trying to be bougie, even the dro you chief is bougie. Oh, and yo whole house is strapped with the finest gatz.

Fashion trend you’d like to get rid of?

Pant’s sagging!!! Come on fellas wtf.com, it gotz to go! Any dude picking up ladies with their pants sagging, that’s hella sus. Pull up yo pant’s, it’s not fresh no more– it’s played!


J’s, blunts, bowls, or bongs?

Bowls are healthier, easy to travel with, and come in pretty designs.

Fun Halloween plans?

I’m not home in NYC at the moment. Ya girl is in China right now, Shanghai to be exact. Word for Halloween there’s some crazy underground warehouse parties that I’m going to. I think I wanna be Lindsay Lohan for Halloween.

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