How Did This Random Teen Crash Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s Date Night?

Even though Taylor Swift once bragged via song lyrics that she “knows places we won’t be found,” apparently the pop star’s hiding spots aren’t as airtight as she thought.

On Tuesday night, she and boyfriend Calvin Harris were sharing what they thought was a romantic, candlelit dinner  for two in Santa Monica.

That is, until a random teenage boy plopped down at the table with them, grabbed a menu, and made himself comfortable.

The dinner took place at Giorgio Baldi, according to TMZ, and the teen was able to post a photo to Instagram. Check out the gloriously strained look on T. Swift’s face as she pretends not to be inwardly losing her shit:

Awesome dinner with mom and dad🍴

A photo posted by 🇺🇸 (@rickywselby) on

Although it’s doubtful that the stars were 100% chill about the situation, it was nice of them to humor the kid, who cheekily capitoned the photo, “Awesome dinner with mom and dad.”  

It’s pretty surprising that T. Swift allowed the interruption — this is the same girl who’d rather hike backwards than get snapped in public when she’s not in the mood — so we had to look into the teen’s background for some insight into how he pulled this off.

After much combing of Instagram user Rickywselby‘s account, we do know the following three facts: 

He likes to surf. Or at least he likes to get his picture taken with a surfboard.

A photo posted by 🇺🇸 (@rickywselby) on

He thinks he lives the thug life.


A photo posted by 🇺🇸 (@rickywselby) on

This time last year, he stumbled on Miley Cyrus at a pizza place in Idaho.

There was pizza at the party🍕

A photo posted by 🇺🇸 (@rickywselby) on

So apparently if you want to get an audience with Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift (and Miley), all you have to do is be the most basic teenage bro possible — and go to the right restaurants. Good to know!

All photos via Instagram.  

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