RAINDEAR Is Much More Than An ‘Electropop Artist’

Straight out of a Scandinavian fairytale comes our newest pop princess, RAINDEAR. Channeling influences from the landscape of her “North Pole” home, Rebecca Bergcrantz is making electropop music that we can’t stop listening to…however, don’t confine her to that “electropop” label. RAINDEAR is so much more than that. Before a stunning performance at The Standard rooftop in New York, Rebecca told us how eletropop is just part of her musical palette and got deep with us on life, love and a possible new record.

RAINDEAR - Veins - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag

Let’s start with the basics. Your name is so mystical – where did you get such a moniker and are you as mysterious as it sounds?

I am probably quite mysterious to people because there’s not a lot of people that know everything about me. The name is not super advanced in how it came about. I was playing around with the words…I thought it was kind of cool the way it sounds and it being like the northern Swedish animal. I just felt that it was right.

What is something most people don’t know about you then?

I don’t really complain about how I really feel. I can be kind of introvert. This is such therapy right now haha I’m stable but I think I’m more introvert then people think…it’s like a whole world inside me that no one reaches to. That’s not a bad thing because I can get the music out and that’s just a typical creative thing, I think.

What about “Veins” and the whole concept of destructive love? What’s the best remedy for getting over heartbreak?

I don’t think there’s any good way. Time will heal it. You’ll have to feel your feelings and eventually they will fade out. If you try to get rid of them it will hit you all at once.

How’d you pass the time on your long journey to New York?

I honestly slept and watched the films on the plane and I played games on my phone. It’s called Blek, it’s like an IQ kind of game…I’m like such a geek.

I’m all about that! What other things do you geek out on?

Music takes up so much time. I can be really into cultural history and classical music. I tend to analyze what you do in music to other forms like Jazz. So, typical music geek.

Tell me about working on your debut record. We’re psyched about it!

I don’t know exactly when the album is going to be out. It might be better to just have an EP out first but I don’t really organize my work. I just come up with an idea when I’m out for a walk and record it on my phone. I work whenever I feel inspired. That’s when it gets the best. When it’s kind of natural. The lyrics come in a different process. They are never made at the same time as the music. It’s almost like finished poems that I have collected somewhere else.

In terms of other inspiration, where do you take your wardrobe cues from? Or is just you wear whatever the hell you want?

I think it’s just I wear whatever I like. Then I learn that some brands are more of my favorites so this one (wearing today) is called The Ragged Priest. I have a lot of clothes from them and a lot of vintage clothes.

RAINDEAR - Veins - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag

I really like the shade of lipstick you’re wearing. Where did you get it? What are your other go-to beauty products?

Mac lipstick. It’s called Sin. Buy it. I don’t real buy cheap makeup because it really just ruins everything. I’m not completely 100% interested in makeup I just like the result… I’m kind of impatient.

Mac _Sin_RAINDEAR - Veins - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag

What are your favorite things about “The Big Apple”?

I like the whole vibe of the city. It’s really high energy and people are approaching you on the streets. It’s really inspiring and you see so many cool things. It’s probably the best from every art form in the world here.

RAINDEAR - Veins - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag

Are there things you miss about home when you’re off playing shows?

No. My current home is so boring and I can’t wait to leave it. It’s a tiny town up north in the North Pole, kind of. Which is good, I just sit at home and I’m productive then. Nothing to do in that city.

Do you think that your little hometown landscape inspires your music?

Yes, everything I see inspires me. It’s this really cold and harsh landscape that suits really well to that kind of electropop I make.

In a dream world, who would you die to collaborate with?

There’s so many. It would have to be someone who doesn’t sing so I could do the singing…well maybe a duet with Thom Yorke. Or maybe do some cool track with Todd Terje. He makes such interesting music. There’s a lot of jazz in it as well, which I’m into. Or to have a big orchestra behind me. I’m doing electropop now but I don’t want people to see it as, “Oh, it’s just Swedish electropop.” If I had the budget to have a big orchestra, I would. It’s just different ways to make the sound come out. I’m not restricted to only have synths. The meaning of the music is the main thing that needs to come out.

Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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