Rainbow is quickly becoming a thing at London Fashion Week

As global Fashion Week makes the rounds and all eyes shift to London, there’s one thing we now know for sure: we’ll be seeing lots of color in the upcoming months.

The general sentiment we’ve been echoing as of late is that the time is now for fun in fashion.

I mean, what’s the point of any of it if we can’t have fun with it? That question was slightly more existential than planned, and so be it.

As many of the older, more established design houses figure out new ways to stay in touch with the fast-growing, ever-evolving new generation of humans in the fashion world, many fun new things enter the arena. Namely political activism, social responsibility and… rainbows.

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Burberry is a design house known for their signature olive and beige trench coats, as well as their traditional British palette. This season though, there is something more in the air. At their show on Tuesday, more than just their signature plaid came out to play:

This color, vibrance and life was present not just on the Burberry runway, but also on all of the guests. There was a younger life in the air than usual, an air likely foreshadowing the changes to come in the industry, but also in the world. It was a beautiful way for the brand’s now former creative director Christopher Bailey to conclude his career with them.

“The Rainbow is a symbol of inclusiveness and joy and is celebrated throughout the new collection,” the company exclaimed in one of its Instagram captions. Burberry also revealed that their use of rainbow was an homage to the LGBTQ+ youth in Britain and around the world, and that they’d be donating proceeds from this collection to three organizations that support the community: The Trevor Project, ILGA and the Albert Kennedy Trust.

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This is really cool. A huge brand like Burberry to lead the way and break tradition for the sake of progressivism and social change is no small feat. Even if it’s “just fashion”, it’s never just fashion, but is instead reflective of the larger changes taking place in society currently.

This same sentiment is being echoed in labels like Ashish, that celebrate diversity and continue to give a voice and platform to youth culture:

The rise of rainbow isn’t just a testament to our trend predictions coming true, but rather it’s symbolic of the change we hope to see and is (hopefully) foreshadowing some positive change that’s to come. But it also acknowledges how far we’ve already come. The youth are the ones driving much of the demand and creating the change we want to see in older institutions. We’ve seen the same thing happen in the case of Parkland Florida. It’s incredible to see the ways young people continue to impact society.

This is likely the beginning of what will be a very colorful London Fashion Week, and we aren’t complaining.

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