Rae Sremmurd Tells Us What Makes A Bad Bitch

The musical duo Rae Sremmurd had quite the year. Last March, brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy performed at SXSW with Mike Will Made It and instantly gained a large fan base. They’re loved for their larger than life personalities, loads of energy, wild shows, and the perfect music for any good time. After sitting down with them, all of those things became instantly clear. What impressed me even more though? Their extremely positive vibes. These young men are grateful, happy, and consistently offering their listeners a party. Their vibes seem to have all the lady fans swooning, so I decided to visit them before their latest LA show to see just how they handle their women. I found out their real type, what makes a bad bitch, their favorite sex song, and the brother’s V-Day plans.

What’s the oldest woman you would date? Would you date a cougar?

Slim Jimmy: If she’s fine, 50. If she’s bae, then yeah.

Swae Lee: Maybe 31 or even 35.

Who’s dream bae? What’s she doing right now?

SJ: She’s laying down on a big white comfortable bed counting up all the money that she earned all by herself.

SL: She’s in the garden right now.

Does she have an Instagram?

SJ: Mine doesn’t have an Instagram.

SL: Mine does! She has like 301K followers.

What makes a BAD BITCH?

SJ: Her attitude.

SL: She has her stuff in order, like everything is together in her life. She has a good energy. You know what I’m saying? She’s just super cool.

SJ: And her physical features are awesome. She doesn’t have to have a fat ass, but her body should fit together perfectly.

SL: She can have a small butt, small boobs, but needs to go together.

SJ: Mmm, petite, look good, OH MY GOD, I’ve got to have it. She can be tall and skinny, not like big butt, but she’s still bae.

So when you say, “No Type,” you actually have a type?

SJ: Yeah, but we have a very large category. They just all gonna be pretty.

SL: One thing they all have in common is that they are gonna be bad bitches.

But like, pretty and smart? Or just pretty?

SJ: Just pretty. We can’t promise smart.

SL: [Laughs] Yeah.

Are any of your songs about a specific girl? Or a specific experience?


SL: “No Type” is basically about all of my dating experiences.

SJ: Um, “Ex Bitch” pretty much, well you already know what that’s about. It’s about my ex bitch.

What’s the best song to have sex to?

Both: Keith Sweat – Nobody

Have you ever been having sex and then randomly a song of yours plays in the middle?

SL: Not yet, but we might start out with it playing. Like this one girl, my girl of course, wanted me to start off with “No Type.”

SJ: You mean, like I’m having sex and my music is on shuffle and then our song comes on? Man, I f*** to the whole album.

What’s the worst thing a girl could do ever?

SL: Steal something.

SJ: Steal my car, bust my windows, and pop my tires.

Groupies back in the day were cool because they just liked the music, they didn’t give a f*** about the internet. What advice can you give a groupie? How can they act chill?

SL: Sometimes, they just turn into a troll. But, to get our attention all you have to do is be wild. Just be doing crazy stuff. You might just rub against us with your butt or something. We like to do wild stuff, we just want to have fun.

SJ: Yeah, like push your butt up against me. I mean, we aren’t trying to get married until we’re 30.

Which of the two of you is the bigger ladies man?

SJ: Swae Lee

SL: Jimmy might leave the club with five beautiful ladies. But, they all can’t sit on his lap, so one of them needs to sit on my lap of course.

Do brothers share girls in the bedroom? DO YOU?

SJ: If they share themselves.

SL: A girl might like him and like me. It might just be a good party night where we all turn up. We are open minded.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

SL: I’m gonna get a random girl a life sized teddy bear and some roses for a special somebody too.

SJ: I’m getting my mom a box of chocolates.

Do you like fake nails?

Both: YES.

Pixie Cuts?


SJ: If it look good.



SJ: If it look good.

Drop Crotch Pants?

Both: YES.

Belly Button Rings?

SL: If she got her body right, then hell yeah!

SJ: If it look good.

Red Lipstick?

SL: Get the red lipstick, and leave a kiss on my cheek.

SJ: If it look good.

High Waisted Shorts?

SL: YES!!! I love them shorts like that, all high up on the waist. I like them hipster chicks.

SJ: Yeah.

Do you guys get nervous before shows?

SJ: If I’m nervous, I take a shot of Hennessy.

SL: If there are a whole bunch of executives, sometimes I’m like damn, but usually no.

You guys had the craziest year ever. What were you both doing this time last year?

SL: We was cookin’ up smashes in the basement. Cookin’ up hits and BROKE.

SJ: We were having fun though.

Mike Will Made It took you under his wing. What’s some of the best advice he’s given you guys?

SJ: Stay consistent and stay true to yourself.

SL: These hoes ain’t loyal.

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