Rachel Tee Tyler Says This Is The Only Workout You’ll Ever Need

Meet our Instagram babe of the week, Rachel Tee Tyler.

She’s an Australia-based blogger whose Instagram account serves as an endless source for style inspiration. From the biggest misconception about being a blogger to her favorite drugstore product, Rachel answers some of our favorite #GaloreGirl questions below.

What’s some of the best advice you were given when you were just starting out?

Funnily enough, no-one’s ever given me advice. But my best advice to others is to be yourself and stay true to what you believe in. Don’t be swayed by a paycheck!

What’s the secret to the best Instagram post? Or better yet, the secret to the best OOTD pic?

For me, minimalism. Everyone has a personal style but I find minimalism in both outfit choice and background choice makes for the best photos.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about being “bloggers?”

That we do this for a living. I mean, I’m sure people do, but I certainly don’t! I think the “blogger” lifestyle looks a lot more glamorous than it is. I’m just an everyday person with a 9-5 day job that enjoys creating content in my free time.

What’s your favorite Kanye song of all time?

I can’t. Literally the enitre album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’.

What’s your favorite drugstore product?

Mascara! Drugstore mascara over high-end mascara any day.

If you could only do one workout forever what would it be?

Squats. They kill my life but the booty needs them!

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am looking to launch a new blog in the next few weeks, and a YouTube channel soon after.

Photos by GG Magree aka Yeah Pussy

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