I Hate Blonde Blogger Rachel Lynch Dishes On Lingerie Tips & Dressing Her Boyfriend

Oh the irony of platinum blondie Rachel Lynch’s fashion blog – I Hate Blonde. This hilarious style influencer spends her days living in NYC documenting the good looking life that she lives! After seeing some of her epic outfits and laughing at many of her jokes, we knew she was a Galore Girl to watch. We decided to get some style tips from her, especially in time for Valentine’s Day. Read it all below.



Photos By Jessica Castro

What are your tips for wearing innerwear (lingerie) as outerwear?

Wear lingerie with something bigger and more overstated so they balance each other out, like fur, high-waisted jeans or big boots! 

What’s your dream collab?

My dream collab would be doing a big “It Girl” feature in a magazine, like a 5-page spread and interview. 

Have you always been a blonde? If yes, what other color would you consider rocking?

I’ve been a blonde since the beginning of college, I really wouldn’t recommend any other hair color. 

Do you ever edit your boyfriend’s wardrobe? Is there a certain style of guys you’re into?

Oh my gosh, of course! Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and I’m like, “I created that.” Since dating me, he started wearing black beanies, drop-crotch pants, chic designer tees and motorcycles jackets. He is literally the hottest thing, I love looking at him.  

What’s the one trend you wish would die and never come back?

Colored hair!

You write a lot of poetry on your blog. For you, how do fashion and poetry interact?

Fashion for me has always told a story. I like to tell a story with my blog posts, make you feel something, or evoke some emotion in the reader. It’s why I don’t do a lot of just “here’s me standing in the street with this outfit on”. A) I can’t do that well and B) it doesn’t really say anything. Fashion for me is a much deeper, spiritual, and overall artistic thing. It goes way beyond consumerism. 

Do you have any life tips in general for living in a poetic way?

Learn to appreciate the process. Be in LOVE with the process. Don’t rush things, don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy every little thing you see and everything that happens to you. It is all beautiful and it is all yours. 

Yes or No:

Groupies? Yes.

Romantic V-Day Dates? DUH! 

Going commando? ALWAYS! 

Selfies? Ew.

Courtney Love? No.

Kale? Sure. 

Fake Tattoos? Are we done with that yet?

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