QUIZ: Which Un-Important Band Member Are You?

Are you a true wallflower like Howie from BSB? Or are you just trying to find your destiny like Michelle Williams? Take my quiz and find out.

Who is your biggest enemy?
A. Your own reflection.
B. Your hair stylist
C. Your best friend’s mom. She’s always bossing you around telling you what to wear.
D. Your brother. You just hate that handsome idiot so much.
E. The women you work with. They’re literally all so catty.

2. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
A. Your super sleek ponytail.
B. The fact that you look like a tarantula.
C. Your voice is pretty good.
D. You’re bronzed all year round. You would drink tanning oil if you could.
E. You have the special power to turn completely invisible whenever Nicole Scherzinger is around you.

3. What’s your favorite position?
A. Backstreets backdoor
B. Anything, as long as there’s no strings attached
C. Definitely not love on top
D. The hardest thing
E. One leg up at all times.

4. Describe Your Personality
A. Larger than life, duh.
B. You’re a space cowboy, baybay.
C. You’re a survivor. You’re an independent woman. You’re…honestly over it.
D. You’re a great sibling. You care about music but most importantly, you care about your superstar brother.
E. You’re an extremely flexible wallflower. Your talents are your own little secret, because no one actually knows you exist.

5. What are your hobbies?
A. Making dramatic phone calls, wanting things your way, etc
B. Collecting spiders, pretending to be a puppet, braiding your own hair.
C. Whatever your girls wanna do, I guess…
D. Playing catch with your sibling, Googling images of Celtic tattoos.
E. Choreographing dances that you won’t get credit for.

6. What’s your style?
A. Italian mobster meets Tommy Bahama
B. Burning Man meets arachnid meets FUBU meets “How did I get here?”
C. Not sure…let me ask Tina real quick.
D. Latin flavor meets Aeropostale
E. Wet Seal meets Frederick’s of Hollywood meets “I’m still paying off my dance academy tuition.”

What’s your dream?
A. To show someone the shape of your heart. To love and be loved in return.
B. To strangle Justin Timberlake with one of your dreadlocks.
C. To just have some stability; whether it’s rehearsal dates or outfit changes or choreography or LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU GUYS.
D. To stop being mistaken for your brother. And to spend the rest of eternity in a 98 degree hottub.
E. To be famous. To be a star. To be in movies. See the world. Drive nice cars. Have…boobies?

If You Answered Mostly A’s You Got…
You’re a walking anomaly. You’re small yet larger than life. You’re black yet you’re blue. You’re a bad boy/girl who secretly wants to settle down. You love changing up your hair, you naught chameleon you. And most importantly you believe in the power of complete and utter silence.


If You Answered Mostly B’s You Got…
Congratulations, you’re a literal tarantula with frosted feet. How the f*** did you escape from the tropical animal exhibit you monster? Regardless of your nonhuman traits, you are still very good at crawling by unnoticed. You’re a free spirit floating through outer space like a literal space cowboy. Yee-haw.


If You Answered Mostly C’s You Got…

You give sloppy thirds a whole new meaning, girl. People love to gang up on you and tell you that you have major potential to be garbage. But you’re a survivor and you’ve got some serious bills bills bills to pay so you’re not going to let people get you down. You’re a really positive human being, possibly even delusional.


If You Answered Mostly D’s You Got…
Look, I’m not going to tell you who you are because I LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW.


If You Answered Mostly E’s You Got….
You literally didn’t sign up for this. Sometimes you feel like there’s 30 of you, yet none of you offer anything except for the occasional leg lift. It’s as if you and all of your friends showed up to a party you weren’t really invited to, and you’re the last organisms to leave. You are really good at wrecking homes though, so.


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