Hate Your Haircut? Electro-Pop Princess Quigley Can Save Your Look

“I always look like an Amish cowgirl/nun meets glam grandma” up and coming electro-pop princess Quigley says of her own personal style. When you think of Quigley think statement jewelry, floral prints, and most importantly, floppy felt hats. Here’s how to wear her favorite trends!


We always see you rocking big hats. Is that your style signature and why do you love them so much?

Hats are definitely my trade mark. I started wearing a hat actually because I didn’t love my haircut. Now, I’ve gone so long wearing different styles of hats that I think my head looks funny without one! I kind of fell into this signature look, but now that people associate me with my hats, I just own it!

What are some tips for finding the perfect hat that goes with every outfit?

Definitely make sure you have accessories to match. If you wear a lot of blacks, a black hat is perfect. If you buy a brown or tan hat, make sure you have a purse or pair of shoes in the same family! My go-to hat is a black vintage Stetson. I recommend going to local antique stores and to the flea market to find your signature hat! That’s where I’ve found all of mine!

What other trendy pieces are you currently loving?

Right now, I’m living in my simple black maxi skirt. Long skirts are so comfortable and you always feel a bit glamorous! Lately I’ve also been buying a lot of vintage Hawaiian style tees at the flea market for 5 or 6 bucks a pop! I like the bold colors and prints and they pair nicely with a bold lip color.

You said you loved to play dress up as a kid, right? How has it influenced your style now?

Playing dress up has and always will be one of my favorite things to do: I don’t think I ever stopped! I still consider fashion a creative outlet. Mixing colors and prints and pairing vintage with new trends… It’s just fun!!!

Do you ever dress in theme for performances?

Not yet, but I hope that I will be able to explore more of that as I go along in my career. I have always admired people like Bjork and Sia for being able to embrace more extreme imaginative performance styles.

What’s the difference between your tour/ performance style and your every day style?

No difference. I basically always looking like a Amish cowgirl nun meets glamorous grandma.



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