Quigley – Fall In Love With This Electro Indie Pop Darling

“I don’t think I chose music, I think music chose me. It’s just a part of who I am, there isn’t any arguing with it!” Said LA songstress Quigley. Comparing her sound to Grimes or Ellie Goulding, Quigley pairs fantastical lyrics with upbeat vocals to lend her voice to a generation of girls as they explore what it means to grow up and grow old, to change, to fall in love. With her debut album ‘Initium’, Quigley brings a new point of view with a heavy pop vibe to the indie music scene.

Take the recently premiered “Lost Again” video. She wrote the song while watching ‘Hook’, a classic Disney movie that shows another side of Peter Pan. “It has a real sadness behind it. At the time, I was really dealing with a lot of fears regarding change and my own mortality. Lost Again, even though it seems as if it’s a love song, is really a song to myself,” Quigley said. “It is almost a self-soothing lullaby of sorts. It suggests ‘come with me and you’ll never be lost again’ but I intended it to mean ‘trust yourself and you’ll never be lost again’.”

The song plays witha mixture of truth and fantasy, of reality and imagination. It takes abstract feelings and imagines a situation to bring them to life, like all of Quigley’s lyrics. “What’s real is the sentiment behind the song and the reasons why I wrote it. I think art in general, in its most raw form, is a way for us to explore and perhaps even exaggerate our own emotions and experiences. It’s such a cathartic process.”

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