The 411 on Every Track of Rihanna’s New Album

Last night Tidal apparently f*cked up Rihanna’s schedule and leaked her album. Not one to be played with, once the bootleg versions inevitably started popping up on the Internet, Rihanna decided she didn’t give a f*ck, and gifted the album to the world for free.99. 

Here’s the track-by-track breakdown on what Rihanna’s been up to for the past few months/years:

1. Consideration 

Featuring indie cool girl SZA, “Consideration” starts things off with a chill bounce and grind that finds our Kween telling a boo who she thinks is trying to run some game up on her to step off and let her do things her own way. It also gives her the opportunity to say, “Let me cover your shit in glitter / I can make it gold, gold.” 

Yas Kween. Preach.


2. James Joint

Listening to ‘James Joint’ is like being transported to an island paradise where the weather is perfect and the blunt in your hand is never-ending. In this brief interlude, Rihanna sings about her love of weed, overwhelming sexual passion, and bad boys.

Not bad for a 1:12 track, right?


3. Kiss It Better

Rihanna is a princess, but the kind of princess who isn’t going to stand by and watch her prince ride off into the sunset just because he acted like a fool that one time. Instead she tells him, “fuck your pride, just take it on back, boy,” before telling him he’s got to “kiss it, kiss it better, baby.” 


4. Work

Lust, dancehall vibes, Jamaican patois, and plenty of “are Drake and Rihanna trying to kill us” sentiments are ripe in this song. Perfect for the girl who’s got too much going on to get to the club right now, but still feels like getting her sexy on at home.


5. Desperado

Sometimes even though you know the person sitting next to you can’t really offer you anything, you still take up with them for the sake of not having to sleep alone. In “Desperado,” amid dark, punchy, gangster vibes, Rihanna gives one man an offer he simply can’t refuse.


6. Woo

On this dark, trap-infused banger featuring Travis Scott, RiRi lets her ex-man know that his new girl is “just eating off your dreams” and that he should let her know “when you’re ready to plea.” Even though she doesn’t love him anymore, she’s been thinking about him late at night when she’s snorting cocaine and shes ready to “f*ck it up” when he is.


7. Needed Me

Fuckboys of the world take note: bad gal Riri is a savage and just bc you sleep with her once doesn’t mean you can have it. When one of her conquests starts catching feels and acting needy, Rihanna sets the record straight on what their relationship means to her:

“you were good on the low for a faded f*ck / or some faded love / sh*t, what the f*ck you complaining for? / feeling jaded huh?”

She later goes on to twist the knife a little deeper, saying, “Baby, don’t get it twisted, you was just another n*gga on the hit list.” 

Expect this song to play on your fuckboy’s playlist from now until the end of time.


8. Yeah, I Said It

In case you missed it, Rihanna likes it rough. On top of a slinky, sexy R&B beat, RiRi tells her man, “I want you to homicide it / going slow and I want you to pop it / and I think I kinda like ya / up against the wall, we don’t need a title.” And if he wants to he can “take it home on your camera phone / get a little bad, n*gga, watch me blow it down.” Yeah, she said it.


9. Same Ol’ Mistakes

At first glance, the fact that Rihanna included a cover of some Australian indie guitar band on her album is super weird. But when you get down to it, Tame Impala makes chill AF music to smoke weed to, so deciding to cover one of their tracks was really a no brainer. The song is a sprawling meditation on feeling like a brand new person after falling in love, even though you know you’re just making the same old mistakes. 


10. Needed Me

After all that searching, Rihanna finds herself tripping on some sentimental vibes. “Needed Me” is co-written by Dido and Paul Herman, who both played a part in making sure you’ll never be able to forget “Thank You” for the rest of your life. This song isn’t that catchy, but it does mirror exactly what happens after the clouds lift from a reflective night of drug use: reality can hit you like a cold hard bitch.


11. Love On The Brain

Like a deep soul burner from Beyonce, Rihanna digs into her soul to pull this song out. This love beats her “black and blue but it f*cks me so good” and she can’t get enough. But is it love on the brain, or just her same ol’ mistakes?


12. Higher

Much like her ex Drake did in Marvin’s Room,” in “Higher,” Rihanna is calling her lover because “this whiskey got me feelin’ pretty / so pardon if I’m impolite / I just really need your ass with me.”

No matter what time it is, if Rihanna calls you and tells you that “you light my fire / let’s stay up late and smoke a J,” you do it. 


13. Close To You

Ending with a sappy R&B ballad, Rihanna seems to be implying that at the end of the night, even the baddest bitch can break like a little girl. Maybe she’s talking about the same lover who’s bad news bears, but in the wake of a recent breakup all Rihanna’s having for breakfast is a single tear.


Get your copy of Anti here.

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