Quadruple Threat Fa Empel Talks Life As A Muse & Getting Naked

Fahrani Empel AKA FA is an eyewear designer, model, singer, and muse, originally from Indonesia but home to the world. She is one of those females who just really needs to be experienced.


Who is your male counterpart? 

I don’t believe I have met my counterpart yet. It will be funny I think, when I finally meet him!

Girls or boys?

Boys, girls, and anyone in between.

What is #nakedfriday and what excites you about being naked? 

#nakedfriday is personal motivation for my Indonesian followers. It is intended to challenge their view of life and also to let them know that you can appreciate life without any fear of judgment that usually set by religion. I use it to create an open forum that at least, for that moment only, positive or negative, they are expanding their thoughts.

I feel human when I am naked. The message is as simple as the hashtag.

How does it feel being a muse to so many?

It’s a very grounding feeling.

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bali, and New York- Now Berlin. Why? 

It feels right, for now. The main reason is because of you guys. I feel really good with connection I have with the people here.

How many tattoos do you have and which one always stands out for you? 

Honestly, I stop counting a while ago and I don’t play favorites because every single one is special to me!

Where does your love for eyewear come from?

I started sketching since I was modeling full time, but the love I have for eyewear has evolved since I started a label of my own. It gives me a high when I see some random people feeling good wearing something that I created. It’s very interesting to see the energy pass on that way.

Your next project?

It should be ready before March. Stay tuned.

Photographer: Kate Bellm

Story Curators: eVe without adam

Captured At Crackers, Berlin

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