Purple Magazine x Diesel’s Debauchery-Filled Bash




After Galore’s pre-Valentine’s Day killer fête at the Mondrian’s Mister H, Galore contrib Alex Catarinella made his way over to what would be a debauchery-filled evening at the infamous Boom Boom Room. Here’s how Alex remembers it along with our homie Rony Alwin’s photos.

“I had only a single cocktail pre-Boom Boom, which was not enough to deal with the anxiety attack of a cluster f*** that was happening outside of the Purple x Diesel Black Gold bananas bash. A sea of models, celebs, musicians, editors and a slew of designer-clad hopefuls waited impatiently (see also: desperately) to be chosen to enter the insanity. After a few of my own desperate pleas and lots of eyelash-batting, I entered the wilderness. HOLY SHIT. I immediately rubbed Givenchy elbows with the gorgeous R&B sensation that is Ciara. I briefly eyed a potentially non-sloshed albeit chain-smoking Lindsay Lohan, who was kicking it with a posse in the “reserved” section, and I unfortunately did not witness any of her previously documented vodka-filled glass/french fry throwing. I did bump into Chloe Sevs and end up on the dance-floor amongst Solange Knowles (that immaculate Diana Ross-tinged fro is a serious sight to see/drool over) and her posse of strikingly similar pretties. The DJs, who (I think? Blame the unclearness on the vodka open bar…) included the Misshapes, blasted an array of indie pop gems, including Solange’s “Losing You” for which I’m sure she enjoyed. It was approaching 4 a.m. so I ended up gushing my <3 to my girl crush aka a Phillip Lim-clad Lissy Trullie. Other It Girls included my BFFs, the diva duo that is DJ Mia Moretti and electric violinist, Caitlin Moe. I also shared a few twirls and smizes with our girl, the incomparable Ms. Ellen von Unwerth. The open bar rudely ended at 1 a.m., but that didn’t stop me from purchasing a $20 (!!!) Redbull vodka. FML. Alas, all was right in the world when I found a $20 bill on the floor, and, yes bitch, I kept that shit. Okay, so that’s all I remember but my boo boo and photographer, Rony Alwin, documented the blurry night on his awesome site, Rony’s Photobooth. A SIGHT TO SEE INDEED.”

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All inebriated photos via Rony’s Photo Booth


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