How to pull off half-up-half-down hair

When done correctly, half-up-half-down hair is the holy grail. It’s convenient like a ponytail, but still girly af.

When it’s done wrong, though, half-up-half-down hair can be mullet-esque, or even make you look like Legolas from “Lord of the Rings.” Woof.

We talked to celeb hairstylist Oscar Blandi about how to pull off the look without looking tragique.

When would you say is the last time half-up hair was chic?

There is no real last time. My clients still love this look for a red carpet event or special occasions. It’s a classic look, it will never die.

How has the half-up style changed throughout the decades?

It’s changed quite a bit. People have become more savvy, they’ve become more aware of what’s suitable for their look. I always tell my clients to look at their half-up look at ¾ angle in the mirror instead of straight forward – it’s the best way for you to look at how the style flatters the angles in your face as well as your neckline.

What kind of face shapes and facial features are best enhanced by a half- up style?

It works for every face shapes, but it all depends on how you frame it. For example, if you have a round face, you want your half-up look to be softer and not too tight. Always have it be a little bit loose, nothing too hard.

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Half-up hair is basically the most convenient style ever, so why has it been out for so long?

It just hasn’t been as prominent lately, but it’s always been a popular style for red carpets. You still see it all the time when women use clips to pull their hair back – it just hasn’t been utilized properly to look super stylish.

The big fear with half-up half-down is that you end up looking like Legolas in “Lord of the Rings.” HOW do we avoid this?

It all depends on your face shape and your hair length. Legolas pulled his hair very hard and tight – that isn’t flattering for most people. Half-up, half-down should be loose so that it is flattering.

Should I tease my half-parted hair to make it look more girly, or is that look dead forever because of “Jersey Shore”?

Do not tease. If anything, you can create volume with your fingers by tussling your hair. The teasing can make the style look dated and will create an out-of-proportion look.

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What are some products that’ll help me achieve the look?

You can use any product for this. I like to use Wella’s Texturizing Spray because it keeps hair pliable and the Glossing Crème helps to mold, control frizz and give shine. The style needs to look very natural.

What are some of the most iconic half-up looks throughout history?

My favorite half-up look was one I did for Jennifer Garner. It was very sleek and very clean. I’ve done them on Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes. It’s a classic, chic look.

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