Public School Designed A Festival “Uniform”


We’re finally done asking how to pack light for festival season, because Public School designed an entire festival collection in conjecture with Red Bull (called “Tropic City”) with only 5 pieces, which come together as one bangin’ outfit. With this collection, you won’t be asking “this top with those shorts, or THIS top with THESE shorts?!” because you only have one mesh tank, one pair of board shorts, a hat, and a floral dufflebag to throw it all into. These outfit constraints might seem like a horror story for some, but to others it’s kinda a blessing to have an entire outfit designed, as if just for you. Even though they’re called “Public School”, the concept reminds me of my boarding school days when the only getting-ready question was “how much mascara can I wear without getting kicked out of class” because the uniform requirement got rid of all outfit worries. Anyway, the Tropic City Uniform is, of course, limited edition, so it you’re interested, snatch it up before the eBay bitches get their hands on it and jack up the prices.


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