Apparently People Really Like Pube Oil


Just like fashion, their desired appearance seems to follow the trend of the times. You may shudder at the thought of a full-bush, but your grandmother would probably be horrified at the fact that your pubes resemble those of a pre-pubescent child.

Whether your lady parts are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, or you shave your boyfriend’s initials into your cootchie, your pubes don’t always cooperate. If you ever felt like you needed to give your hair down there some extra TLC, a new oil designed for your pubes just hit the shelves this weekend.

Aptly named ‘fur oil,’ the product guarantees silky smooth pubes with its blend of grape seed, jojoba, tea tree, and clary sage seed oils. But, why do you need smooth pubes? Is your boo stroking them or braiding them? Especially if you’re shaving your pubes, there doesn’t really seem to be a need for this somewhat pricey product (it retails at $39 per bottle, which is 2.5 fluid ounces.) However, when you take a closer look, you may notice that the oil is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and works to prevent ingrown hairs. That’s something that everyone can get on board with, men and women.

In fact, maybe you should get this gift for your boo instead, as a little hint? Then again, I’m not sure if any man is worthy of a $39 body product…Maybe wait until black Friday to purchase some fur oil for yourself? I’m sure your pubes can survive until no shave November.

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