PSA: Sex Workers Are Probably In Better Shape Than You

You know when you’ve failed your marketing exam, you can’t get a job, and you’re worried you’ll never move out of your parents basement? You or your friends have probably said something like “Oh, f*ck it, I’ll just be a hooker.”

Well, it might not be as easy as you think.

I mean, I’m sure you could put on a hoochie outfit and head down to the sketchiest part of town and make some cash from some creepy old dudes…but if you want to be a real, legal sex worker, you’re going to need to be in tip-top shape.

Think about the last time you had sex. Did you get on top for an hour? Get hog-tied? Have to please multiple people at once? Probably not.

Sheri Ranch, Nevada’s only legal sex resort, is talking to their workers about fitness. And they’re going to make you realize that being a sex worker is kind of like being a model or an athlete, but more fun.

Ashlynn May, one of the ranches workers, says that she “enjoys training for and running marathons and other endurance races…5-6 days per week, varying distances and terrain.” She also goes to the gym for cross training 3-4 times a week.

Another worker, Char, wonders if you’ve “ever been tied in an unnatural position for hours without any mercy to your joints? Hell, have you ever spent 16 hours in 8″ heels?”

While a position as a sex worker is still looked down upon in today’s society, you can’t pretend that it doesn’t take some serious physical labor. While the average office worker claims that she “doesn’t have time” to get to the gym, the workers at Sheri’s are putting in gym hours on top of the physical demands of their jobs.

Maybe your parents wouldn’t exactly be proud if your next career goal was to be a sex worker, but they can probably teach you a thing or two about fitness (and a thing or three about sex).

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