Pros And Cons Of Mixing Business With Pleasure

Most relationships that form in the office, on a desk, in the company bathroom, at a holiday party, can turn into a consistent thing. Of course they usually have to be kept in private, but these days, who can keep a secret?

And with everyone drowning themselves in work and having absolutely no time for dating and meeting new people, hooking up with your co-worker can turn into the most convenient relationship. But be warned, here are a few pros and cons:


1. They Can Cover For You

Too hungover from the night before to make it to the office? Stuck in traffic? Can’t find your favorite pair of leggings? Lying in bed next to your co-worker, but you force them to go to work first and make up an excuse for you? Girl, don’t you worry about a thing. Your new favorite co-worker has got you. Hit that snooze button and take an extra 10 minute nap.

2. You Can Have Quickies On The Daily

Even better if someone lives around the corner from your place of work. If not, well, you can get creative. But congrats, you just got more bang for your buck during lunch hour.

3. You’re More Excited To Show Up For Work

Going to work is a whole new experience now. You have eye candy and someone to dress for. Or if you have a uniform, play up your hair and make-up. Dropped your papers? Feel free to bend over and pick that thing up in front of him.


4. Free Perks If You’re Hooking Up With Your Boss

If you happen to end up with the top dog, then there are definitely some added bonuses. You might get free Ubers home or on your way to work, extended deadlines, added bonuses to your paycheck, the list goes on.

5. You Can Actually See What They’ve Been Up To All Day

We all know guys suck at texting back, but if you work with him, you can throw this option out. You don’t have to send those 3 p.m. mid-day texts asking how they are or what they’re doing, just peek over your shoulder.

1. When You Break-Up, It’s Awkward

The tension is real when you decide to finally split from your fun fling and move on. As much as you two are going to have to put on a fake smile and put up with each other until someone quits or gets fired, there may be some hostility and ugliness for a few weeks.

2. Judgement

Your other co-workers are no idiots when it comes to finding out who slept with who. Judgement will be thrown your way, but hopefully at him mostly. All at him.

3. You Could Lose Your Job

The thought of losing your job over a dude is always a headache. If the secret is not well hidden, it could result in someone getting burned.

4. You Can’t Post Any Social Media With Them

Having a man is great, especially for social media. You want to Instagram that drunk night when you two ended up getting pizza at 2 a.m. or hit the clubs, post a check in with them on Facebook, or favorite their latest tweet, until you realize you can’t. Social media is out the door the minute you walked into yours at work and spotted him.

5. Fake Alibis

You come into work Monday morning and your fellow colleagues will ask what you did over the weekend. STOP. You should think about it. Take a second. No but really, you’re going to have to master the art of lying and bullshit something fast so Janice from the office will not suspect anything. Dang Janice.

And lastly, as an added bonus because this could work in your favor or not, you can find out all the stuff you want. When people know you are dating someone they’re usually more careful about what they say around you. But if they have no clue that you’re hooking up with a fellow co-worker then the gates of hell open up.

You could find out that he actually has a girlfriend, another side chick, banged a girl from the club the previous night, or actually likes you, can’t stop talking about you to everyone. This goes both ways. My only advice is to see it for what it is, don’t get too attached, but do have a little fun.

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