Our Fave Band Priory Is All About Whiskey And Work


Portland natives Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears met and formed their band Priory after finding each other as self-described “kindred musical spirits”. Since then, they quit their jobs to write an album together. Basically, they did all the artistic suffering, so we can do all the easy listening. The band drops their new album Need To Know on April 7th, but until then we’re jamming to their singles, “Weekend” and “Put Em Up”. After finishing up SXSW, Brandon and Kyle took some time to talk party habits, pre-performance rituals and the process of writing new music.

What’s your guy’s favorite thing to do on the weekends, anyway? Would you be more down for an all-night coke binge at a club, or day-time weed smoking sesh on the beach? 

Brandon: I have done my share of both, but these days, it’s whiskey and work. We are doing what we love so the day of the week is kind of irrelevant for us now. I usually get restless if I have to much time off, so I find it’s best to keep busy.

Kyle: The band has been on the road since last summer so, most of the time, our weekends consist of playing shows or driving to the next one. As for coke in the clubs, I have always been more of a whiskey and pepsi guy…

Did you guys have a good SXSW? Did you see other bands you were excited to see perform there?

K: SXSW is such rat race for the bands, but it’s hard for us not to have a great time on stage. We played something like 14 shows in 3 days, by day 2 we forget to eat and were fueled by beer and bravado. We got to watch a bit of MEW, who we love, as well as sets from Joywave and a Australian band called Mansionair, who were incredible.

I heard that “Weekend” played on “Grey’s Anatomy”. What are your favorite TV shows right now, if anything? (Maybe I’m asking this because I bingewatched “House of Cards” for the first time, this weekend)

B: I prefer HBO and SHOWTIME series to movies most of the time. True Detective, Hannibal, and Game of Thrones. I’m obsessed with the format. There is way more time for character development. Hannibal is one of the gnarliest shows I have ever watched. I bingewatched two seasons in one week.

Do you have any pre-performance band rituals? 

K: We like to do a throwback to the 1992 Chicago Bulls by putting our hands together while our drummer Joe Mengis asks, “What Time is it?” and we all say “game time Whoop”. I remember seeing MJ do this as a kid on a Video Tape my dad got for free from Sports Illustrated. The best part of this is that most all of the guys are not sports fans, so it makes me laugh every time.

B: I like to get a little aggressive. Some tackles and headbutts…and a sip of something usually.

Differently from the last single, “Put Em Up” seems to deal with heavier content. Can you talk a little about this song also?

B: I watched my brother go through a lot of persecution because of his sexual orientation when he was younger. I believe that sexual prejudice is one of the major social injustice’s of this current generation. Right now we’re fighting for a gay couples right to marry. Next year it will be something else. It’s a simple concept. If we don’t start taking care of each other, we’re all doomed. In my opinion, it’s our responsibility to act. If we say and do nothing when we have an opportunity to make a difference, we put ourselves on the wrong side of history. Everyone is scared to have an opinion. I have decided to voice mine.

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