Priory Lock Themselves In Studios To Create Great Music

We are in love with up and coming music duo Priory, we learned all about their unquestionable dedication to music and what they’ve got coming up!

Galore Mag - Priory

Photography by Nick Walker

How did you guys start out?
Brandon and I started playing music together 10 or 11 years ago. We both moved into the same old dirty flophouse. It didn’t have a usable kitchen and didn’t really have a bath, but there were about 10 of us living there so rent was really cheap. The one thing we did have was musical gear, which is when I first started playing. It clicked right away and we wrote a couple songs within the first two days of living together. We went our separate ways for a bit, but when we both got back together the same connection was there and we started this band.

What’s the competition like in Portland to be a musician?
We don’t look at music like a competitive sport. There is definitely room for every type of musician and type of band. For that it is a great place to create. There are so many amazing artists living within the city. It’s really inspiring to be there.

How does Portland influence your music?
Portland is where we live, but to be totally honest we locked ourselves away in the studio and did this record on our own terms.

Why the name Weekend for your EP?
‘Weekend’ was the first song that we released off this new album. It made the most sense because of the radio play feedback we’ve been getting on it.

Galore Mag - Priory

Where can we buy/listen to EP?
There’s a couple of sites streaming the EP right now. You can listen on Spotify or buy on iTunes.

How would you describe the EP
There is a message that runs through both our full length and this EP. It’s the idea of surviving youth and what that looks like. We believe life is a party and everybody’s invited. We hope that comes across in our music

Who would you love to work with?
Dead or alive, We love the greats; Joe Strummer, David Bowie, Elvis Costello. We are both drawn to artists that write prolific amounts of material.

What’s coming up next?
We are currently on our way to Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. Many more shows on our way back to Portland. We will be on tour for the next two years!

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