Princess Nokia X Betsey Johnson is like a Fall fashion dream come true

This Fall, we present you with the dynamic dup we didn’t know we needed but that we most certainly want (and do, in fact, need).

Princess Nokia is officially the face of Betsy Johnson’s Fall campaign. And while the collaboration is pretty unexpected, it also really makes sense.

Princess Nokia is an empowered woman, an OG New Yorker and a rule maker who lives unapologetically and is not afraid to be herself: this is the exact mantra that Betsey Johnson has stood for since she started in fashion in the 1960s. The two are both trailblazers who stand for absolute individuality and creative freedom, so a collaboration only makes sense.

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The clothes are pretty wild, as to be expected:


Some of Betsey’s most iconic prints and silhouettes paired Princess Nokia’s iconic swagger? We’re very down.

This collaboration likely marks the beginning of a new chapter for Betsey Johnson. The brand has been laying low for a bit (well, as low as they could lie with prints like these) but they’re def back and ready to make a statement, as per usual.

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Here’s what the NYC aficionado, Princess Nokia, had to say about the collection:

What’s your favorite piece from the Fall Betsey Johnson collection?

I loved the black shift dress with white Peter Pan collar. Oh such a gorgeous take of romantic goth. I can’t wait to wear it in fall. It’s my back to school goth girl look.

What are your favorite designers (besides Betsey)?

Thierry Mugler and ANYTHING vintage Chanel, Versace & Prada.

How do you balance street style and feminine style?

I allow my fluid gender to create space for many layers of fashion style and movement.

How does it feel working with her brand?

Oh, such a blessing. Such an honor.

Would you ever want to design your very own collection?

Yes, I would honey.


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