If Early 2000s Kate Middleton Had Instagram, She’d Basically Be This Greek Princess

A senior palace official has shut down rumors that Prince Harry is dating 19-year-old Greek Princess Maria Olympia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over her envy-inducing personal brand/life.

News of this alleged hookup broke in the less-than-reliable Australian tabloid “New Idea,” so we were skeptical from the get-go. While Maria Olympia is definitely Harry’s type (blonde, aristocratic, thin), she’s just a shade young for the 31-year-old.

But Maria Olympia is super cool either way. She reminds us of the Duchess of Cambridge during her single days, when she was still attending uni and known as Kate Middleton. Imagine if Kate had had Instagram back then, especially during her on-the-rebound tour of London’s bougiest nightclubs? What would that even look like?! Well, it would look like Maria Olympia’s Instagram does now.

Princess Maria Olympia is fashionable and gorgeous, so this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of her. So let’s take a crash course in who this Greek royal is, shall we?

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1. Her American-born mom and two aunts all married incredibly well.

Maria Olympia’s mother, Marie Chantal of Greece, is one of the Miller sisters, a trio of American heiresses who married a Greek prince, a scion of the incredibly wealthy Getty Oil company, and Diane von Furstenberg’s son (who is also a prince), respectively. If the Miller sisters had been on the market for husbands in 2012 instead of 1992, they deffo would’ve at least been offered a reality show.


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2. She’s a princess of Greece and Denmark, but those countries no longer recognize their royal families.

Her dad, Crown Prince Pavlos of Denmark, is the son of Constantine II, Greece’s last king, and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark. This also makes her part of the House of Glücksburg — the same royal house of Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, which means they’re maybe-kinda-sorta related? We went into a Wikipedia k-hole and still couldn’t figure it out, so let us know if you can make heads or tails of it.

The important thing is that even though Maria Olympia will never sit on a throne, per se, she’s already on the short list of girls who will enjoy a lifetime of sitting front-row at European fashion shows. We’d take that any day.


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3. Prince Harry’s grandfather, Prince Charles of Wales, is her godfather.

Yeah, in addition to maybe being related, Maria Olympia is close enough to the British Royal Family that Prince Charles stood up at her christening. That’s a little too close for comfort in terms of romance between her and Harry, so we’re glad the Daily Mail nixed those dating rumors.

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4. She goes to Parsons.

It would be a total waste for someone with so many connections not to go into fashion, right?


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5. But she’s one of the few undergrad students who’s already sitting front row at Michael Kors.

Excellent breeding and even more excellent genes will have that effect.


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6. She travels. A lot.

Sometimes people whose lives resemble a vacation also get to take plenty of vacations. Sorry!


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