Welp, We Finally Know Who “A” Is


This is kind of the worst day of my pretty little life. Knowing who A is feels like I just uncovered one of the biggest mysteries of the world. I feel naked, and alone. What’s worse? I know a creepy amount about pop culture yet have no time to take part in it (LOL). No, I didn’t get to watch it myself. Yes, I saw a f***ing tweet from a random ass gossip site. If you don’t want me to spoil/ruin your life, leave now. I repeat, LEAVE NOW.

Okay, A is Charles Dilaurentis. I’m annoyed because I wanted it to be someone we already know. I don’t care about Charles. He’s crazy, he’s wild, and he’s a complete stranger. K, cool.. he’s masked and they still haven’t shown us his face. But it doesn’t really take a secret agent to put the pieces together: the mask will probably unveil a face close to Jason’s (cuz like, he’s his twin er whatever). Okay, okay, as in Pretty Little Liars fashion, a new mystery will soon appear. BUT WHAT? One of the Liars goes missing! Holy f***, this shit is TWISTED. Let’s hope it’s not our cover girl Shay Mitchell (sorry to the rest of the Liar squad hehe). Kind of terrified, very addicted, seriously cannot wait.

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