These “Pretty Little Liars” Fan Theories Could Actually Be True

Since its inception, the Pretty Little Liars series has relished in mystery as each episode heightened suspicion around the identity of the show’s antagonist “A.”

After the explosive “Big A” reveal during season six’s finale, the Liars (and PLL enthusiasts – myself included) believed the unmasking of “Big A” would be the end of their woes but as we’ve all come to learn after seasons of heart-rending plot twists and nail-biting cliff-hangers, the likelihood of Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison getting any sort of happy ending is slim to none and there’s another big bad out on the loose.

PLL’s showrunner Marlene King has taunted fans throughout the series’ history and in a few short months, PLL will unleash its last batch of episodes EVER. Theories and group-discussion debates surface after each episode and season and with the end drawing near, you never what might transpire.

The internet is crawling with PLL fan theories and we’ve rounded up some of the most plausible cases (ones that you were more than likely already thinking). Check them out below!

Aria is Uber A

Hanna got hit by a car and was tortured, Spencer was briefly admitted into Radley Sanitarium and addicted to drugs, Emily’s first love died and had her swimming career cut short due to “A” tampering with her sports cream and as for Alison, well, karma happened. Aria has experienced a few heartbreaks from learning about her father’s affair to her break-up with Ezra, but nothing even remotely comparable to what the other Liars endured. As I sifted through PLL forums, I came across a theory from a user that put Aria at the top of “Uber A” suspect lists.

Lucy Hale – who plays Aria – even revealed that some of the fan theories she read online were “pretty dead-on”. Please Marlene King, make this come true!


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Spencer is Uber A/has a twin

If Aria doesn’t turn out to be Uber A, then implicating Spencer in the “Uber A” mystery is the next best thing. Spencer’s no saint and she is the most clever and intelligent out of all the Liars. One theory in particular explores Spencer’s mysterious persona from her subtle reference to the 1992 thriller film Basic Instinct, her stint at Radley and her fascination with Shakespeare. If you were convinced that Aria might be Uber A, this theory will have you thinking otherwise.


Maya Could Be Alive

Pretty Little Liars has a penchant for resurrecting old characters. Back in June 2016, Marlene King spoke with Entertainment Weekly and dubbed the seventh season as the “season of homecomings”. So far, Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) and Jenna (Tammin Sursok) already returned to Rosewood in season 7A but could Maya possibly join in on the reunion? It seems as though Marlene King placed a comma after Maya’s death instead of ending her storyline all together with a period. Marlene tweeted back in March 2016 that Maya’s story might not be finished.

On a PLL online forum, Emmamae suggests that since Maya’s death was never actually confirmed, viewers might finally get the answers they’ve wanted since season three like in season three, episode 7, Mona sung: “Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife” – which spelt out “Maya knew.” What did Maya know and whatever Maya “knew,” was it the motive behind her death?


Alison’s Pregnant But It Might Be Emily’s Child

Say whaaattt?!! In true PLL fashion, season 7A was chock-full of cliff hangers and one of the most ill-timed moments during the finale was Alison announcing that she was with child, but who’s the baby’s daddy (or mother)? EMILY! Could it be true? Possibly. Alison was hell-bent on the fact that she was pregnant by her psychotic ex-husband Archer Dunhill but Emily’s eggs were stolen by “A” in season six and PLL is known to throw massive curveballs. This theory posted by Tumblr user emisonislifeok posits that Alison will get a DNA test only to discover that the baby inside of her isn’t her child, it’s Emily’s – whose eggs were implanted in Alison by “A.”


Lucus is Uber A

As if Lucas wasn’t already a prime suspect since like forever! Lucas has already expressed his hatred for Alison and while he and Hanna have had a decent friendship, he’s still suspicious seven seasons later. In this theory, Lucas as Uber A doesn’t seem so far-fetched. In season seven, Lucas offered Hanna his “smart home” apartment as a friendly gesture (and because he has loads of money all of a sudden) but if PLL has taught me anything, it taught me that no one is trustworthy – no matter how kind, generous or cute they are.


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