6 Ways the PLL Girls Screwed Themselves Over Last Night

You’d think that after seven seasons the cast of Pretty Little Liars would have learned a thing or two about not sabotaging themselves but sadly, they haven’t.

Here’s how the girls all played themselves in last night’s episode.

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Hanna’s gone to great lengths to prove she’s not a dumb blonde. And yet, this bitch set herself up for failure on not one, but two occasions in this episode.

First, she straight up had a mental fart when trying to explain to Mona why the random fancy rich girl couldn’t wear one of her dresses.

Instead of calmly explaining that she didn’t actually design 100% of the dress, Hanna just kept blabbering, “it’s not an option” and “she can’t wear that dress,” as if Mona ever took no for an answer.

Hell, Mona even asked her point blank why that dress wasn’t an option and Hanna just stood there in silence.


Then at the end of the episode Hanna blatantly ignores the signs she’s waking into a booby trap.

She goes to pick up a pair of shoes from the town cobbler and somehow doesn’t instantly see a setup when the shop is dark, nobody’s around, and yet the door is mysteriously unlocked.

Obviously she ends up getting trapped in a large cage and promptly has a well-deserved panic attack.

Still, it’s hard to even feel bad for her because when you know a psycho’s hunting you, it’s generally best to avoid walking into rooms that look like this:



Get. A. Grip.


Unlike Hanna’s acts of stupidity, Aria’s are pretty damn understandable.

In case you forgot, Aria’s boo is still in NYC hanging out with his ex who he thought died, otherwise he never would have gotten back together with Aria in the first place.

Shortly after the episode begins, Aria’s confronted by a thirsty, thirsty journalist looking for a quote about how things are going between Ezra and his long-lost fiancée, to which Aria’s only response is, “ummmmm fake news fuckboi you got your story wrong, he’s only ever been engaged to one hoe and that’s me BYE.”


Then after very dramatically telling him off she proceeds to spend the rest of the day with a guy who she is not engaged to named Holden.

She even goes so far as to get dinner with him where she promptly leaned her head on his shoulder while he looked at with “cuddle with me” eyes.

Do you smell trouble, or is it just me?

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Honestly, I’m torn about what to think of Spencer’s act of playery.

On the one hand, going to the cops about Mary Drake, the creepy woman who may have shot Spencer even though she’s also Spencer’s long-lost Mom, sounds like a good idea.

Yes the Rosewood police department is infamously incompetent, but Mary Drake is armed and potentially psycho.

But on the other hand, there’s just so much Spencer and the gang hasn’t told the police that could put them in jail.

If you’re gonna tip the police off to part of your scheme, you need to tell them the whole enchilada or you’re gonna wind up looking sus.

Thank fuck Spencer always seems to be fucking a cop, right?



I just don’t know what to do about Emily.

Girl’s barely out of college and already went straight back to her high school to be a teacher, which should have been a sign to everybody that something was wrong in that pretty little head of hers.

Anyway, the new Rosewood high mean girl named Addison Derringer and Emily have a little flex off and even though Emily wins, she also loses.


Addison makes up a lie that Emily’s feeling up and ogling her underage students and starts spreading it around to the faculty.

Emily gets a message from that psychotic board game they have to play and ends up confronting Addison about about how much of a bitch she is.

Ironically, it’s very inappropriate behavior and even though Emily technically wins the fight, you just know she’s setting herself up to lose the war.

Seriously, will these girls ever learn?

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