Pretty And Poor: 5 Non-Wallet Crushing X-Mas Gifts To Give To Your Man This Year

Christmas is going to be particularly difficult this year, in part because of Instagram. Those girls who’s significant others buy them the Chanel perfume and diamond know who I am talking about! They are now free to broadcast these opulent (and opulently fabulous) gifts for all to see and salivate over. Who wouldn’t love to be the loved one being showered with ice and green? And on the other hand, who wouldn’t want to be the one doing the showering? The older you get, the more true the saying “tis better to give…” seems to become. I love being the sugar mama to all of my besties! Alas, many of us among the college set don’t have endless resources and bottomless bank accounts, and because of this, finding a fabulous gift for our sweeties is no easy feat. But never fear, some of the best things can come out of naked wallets. Here are five fabulous Christmas gifts for your sweetie that won’t cost you more than you can give.

1. The Mix CD: The futuristic sibling of the mix tape. The mix cd doesn’t get nearly enough credit anymore unfortunately ( due to the obvious popularity of ipods), but there is something so romantic and sweet about someone going through their library and picking out exactly the right songs that they think you would love. Sexy!

2. The lingerie: That scene from the OC where Summer strips down to her bustier to the tune of Santa Baby is perhaps one of the hottest moments on tv. A strip tease is always the perfect holiday gift because it is a gift to both parties. You get to feel hot in a sexy bra and thong, they get to see you in a sexy bra and thong. And this tends to be the sort of gift that keeps on giving…

3. The indoor picnic: I love the idea of lying on a soft warm rug while a storm rages outside. Only a warm fire, a bottle of wine, some cupcakes and no clothes. Thank god for that rug.

4. The raunchy photo album: A photo album of some of your sexiest moments and best nudes. The cool thing about this one is that it can be an ongoing project as well as a gift to the both of you. Something to get you in the mood, or keep you satisfied while your other half is away.

5. Snow fun: Sledding, skiing, skating. Sex. All of your favorite S words. There is nothing like spending a long day out in the cold, getting good and tired and then retiring to the warmth of a bed with somebody else warm to drape over yourself.

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