In Honor Of President’s Day: Presidents That Could Get It

I admit, when I hear the word “president” I don’t exactly get hot and bothered. I usually imagine an old, white-haired guy with a dad body. However, what you probably didn’t know is that before they got sticks up their asses and had a few too many presidential dinners at the white house; some of our U.S. Presidents were sexy as hell! Here are our favorites:

1. JFK, the obvious choice

Okay, so if you do get hot and bothered when thinking about presidents, you’re most definitely thinking about JFK. Not only was he still sexy during his short time in office, but if he was banging Marilyn Monroe, he had to have something going for him.

2. Teddy Roosevelt, your personal teddy bear


Photo Credit Queerty

So, he may have packed on some pounds once the stress of presidency took over, but who could resist those sideburns?

3. Ronald Reagan, the celeb crush


Photo Credit Conservagal

It’s no wonder that Mr.Reagan was a movie star before going into politics, because he was quite the panty-dropper in these pics.

4. FDR, the hot(ter?) relative.


Photo Credit Smosh

Can we get a two for one Roosevelt special?

5. Barack Obama, does he still got it?


Photo Credit RollingOut

While he may have aged a lot while in office, he was a cutie before the stress of you know, the national debt, got in the way.

6. Rutherford B. Hayes, can you say dapper?


Photo Credit Young Presidents

While we don’t use the word handsome very often, young president Hayes surely deserves it. He can ravish us anyday..

7. Gerald Ford, macho macho man.


Photo Credit

Young Mr. Ford looks like the type of guy that would throw us up against the wall, and we are not complaining…

Happy President’s Day, Galore girls!


Photo Credit Reddit

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