Presidential Candidates If They Were Star Wars Characters

In case you guys didn’t hear, there’s a new Star Wars coming out. Of course if you didn’t know that I would assume you’re living under a rock since you can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing or hearing about the new Star Wars. Which is totally understandable since Star Wars is fucking epic and amazing. But Star Wars isn’t the only thing taking over our news feeds, the upcoming presidential election and it’s candidates is giving Star Wars a run for its money. One would hope anyway, considering that this upcoming race dictates the most powerful person on earth…no biggie. So, what if these two colossal news events combined and worlds collided. If we were in a galaxy far far away, who would be our presidential candidate’s Star Wars counterparts…

Ted Cruz would be Count Dooku: They’re both manipulative and they both don’t really do anything distinctive.

galore_mag_ted_cruz  galore_mag_dooku

Bernie Sanders would be Han Solo: They’re both rebels, they’re both underdogs, and they both fight strongly for what they believe in.

galore_mag_bernie_sanders  galore_mag_han_solo

Hillary Clinton would be Princess Leia: They’re both brilliant, they’re both bad asses, they both have political experience, and they’re both fighting against evil.

galore_mag_clinton  galore_mag_leia

Donald Trump would be Jabba the Hut: They’re both evil and they share a striking resemblance to each other.

galore_mag_trump  galore_mag_jabba

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