Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown: Pregnancy Abs Exist

Galore Mag Sarah Stage

Did you recently look down at your lack of abs and have a heart attack because Spring is here (aka Summer is next)? Yeah, I’m pretty sure we all did. If you have a full six pack, congrats, we hate you. If you don’t, welcome to the foikin pity party. This article could literally go anywhere right now. I totally have the ability to give 10 workout tips or 5 ways to reduce bloating, but I won’t. I’m here to add insult to the already ab-less injury: There is a a woman with PREGNANCY ABS.

Sarah Stage is a 30 year model living in Los Angeles. She’s hot, she’s fit with abs, but most importantly, she’s 8.5 months pregnant. Sarah is literally MIND BLOWINGLY fit. I’m already over here trying to grapple with VS models perfectly flat tums, but I don’t even think they have preggo abs. Anyway, it’s time to pack up those sweaters and pull out the crop tops. Get healthy living inspo by joining Sarah’s 1 million followers who already do. May her baby be the best body builder there ever was. Amen.


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