[PREMIERE] Marc.E Bassy and Ty Dolla Sign Release Lyric Video for ‘That’s Love’

Hailing from the Bay area, Marc. E Bassy is definitely your next man crush. If the sexy R&B singer with the soulful voice to match didn’t already have you swooning off his recent East Hollywood EP, or his sultry single featuring fellow Bay-area native and angelic, bad girl, Kehlani, “Lock It Up,” then his latest featuring Ty Dolla Sign entitled, “That’s Love” definitely will. We got an exclusive first premiere of the lyric video, in which Mac Shoop gives you a pretty accurate depiction of Bassy’s tour lifestyle. However, it isn’t always as glamorous as it is made out to be. When we asked him what the worst thing about tour life was, he joked, “When you’re on tour, the laundry situation can get pretty rough, and security at the Canadian border is always frightening. Losing track of time can be pretty intense too: days turn into weeks really quickly on the road.”

When asked what the inspiration was behind the tender words, Bassy told us, “It was inspired by a fight that my roommates got in. Everyone’s been in a fiery relationship where your love for one another is tested in an explosive and volatile way. I’ve been around that situation too many times, myself. It’s also about making it through the mess.” As his first time working with Ty Dolla Sign, the song came about as his own single in an unexpected way. ” ‘That’s Love’ was originally for Ty’s album but he’s such a real one and he liked my voice, how it sounded on the song, so he decided to just contribute to it by blessing it with his verse and supporting it as my own solo release. Shout out to Ty.”

Even though the lyrics may have you thinking of your special someone, Bassy explained, “The song isn’t just about a romantic relationship even though it’s inspired by one. It’s about love of all kinds, love for your friends, for your family, for your roommates, it’s all love. To me it’s an anthem and a motto: that’s love. ”

See the video for the first time ever below and follow Marc E. Bassy on Soundcloud and Twitter because we know you’ve got a crush now.

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