[PREMIERE] Kinney Releases The Music Video For “Soul”

Kinney is a Los Angeles-based musician who says she wants to make the world a better place through yoga, music and love. She spent a year alone in her yoga studio learning to play all the instruments she could, and her new song, “Soul,” is the fruit of that labor. She’s premiered this video, directed by Angelo Kritikos. See the beach babe’s music video down below, along with the original photos that Angelo took of the up and coming pop star.


Can you share your process and experience in making the song, “Soul”? 

The process was super fun and collaborative working with my producers. We felt like we were creating a new genre called “gypsy hop” — blending 808s, mandolins, acoustic percussion and twelve string guitars. The opening sounds are an iPhone recording of a gamelan player that I captured when I was in Bali last summer. We definitely took some risks but ultimately we created something I believe is very unique and fun to listen to.

How did the lyric ‘who owns your hands’ come about? 

The initial inspiration for that lyric came from my ex boyfriend who had his ex’s name tattooed across his knuckles. It seemed symbolic that his hand was owned by his ex. However, as the song continued to grow, it took a much larger meaning- calling into question who is in control of the decisions we make in life. I believe we have a lot of power to create a positive movement of change but the first step is taking responsibility for our own actions.

What did you grow up listening to? Who are your current musical influences?

I am a flower child at heart. I grew up to Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Melanie, Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and my personal icon Joni Mitchell. I still listen to those folks quite a bit but more recently have been inspired by Lana del Rey, St. Vincent, Sigur Ros, Fleetfoxes and Florence and the Machine.


We love the witchy vibes in the music video. Tell us what brought this idea and video concept together. 

In this video, director Angelo Kritikos and I wanted to create a hypnotic world where women could activate their own strength and magical powers. Culturally and astrologically, we are entering a new era where woman are truly taking the lead. I wanted this video to show how mezmerizing and powerful women moving together can be. Supported by mother earth, the trinity goddess witches in the video bring light and a compelling energy to the music.

You move beautifully in the video. Do you have a dance background?

Yes I do in fact. I like to say that was my entrance into the performing world. I was a competitive acrobatic dancer all growing up. I started at age ten and continued into college where I studied musical theater. Now I love to integrate my acrobatic dance with yoga and acro yoga.

The makeup & hair in “Soul” looks right on trend for festival season. What are your festival beauty must-haves? 

Bindis or any other face jewels, tribal body markers, and I love anything Tarte sells because they create eco-chic beauty products that are cruelty free.

What are three things you want the world to know about Kinney

I believe that we can use music to change the world and help bring humans together to heal some of the massive global issues we are facing. I also have recently become obsessed with roller skating. I listen to Melanie’s “Brand New Key” on repeat and wobble down my street on the daily. I spend about the same amount of time upside down in handstands as I do on my feet. Which definitely gives me an interesting perspective on life.


Photos courtesy of Angelo Kritikos 

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