[PREMIERE] Girlyboi breaks the rules with new song “Stevie Knicks”

Fleetwood Mac fans, lend me your ears.

This new song, Stevie Knicks by Girlyboi, gives a glimpse into the long and complicated history of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac. It’s upbeat, folk-based tunes will make you want to have the coziest staycation with your closet girl friends.

Girlyboi consists of Ford models’ Carly Russ and boyfriend Joseph Matick. They moved to Paris in 2015 to escape the influence of American pop culture. Thank god they did that, because there they started to form their now unique, psychedelic, ambient folk sound which is receiving praise and fans from around the world.

Now this dynamic duo came back to LA to take over the music industry by storm. Combining their roots in music and fashion, they wanted to create an intimate yet universal picture of the struggles young lovers face. This song embraces this concept, with lyrics like “Yeah let’s do what me and you, everything we’re told not to, break the rules, top the charts, baby break my heart, and call it art.” Everyone who knows Fleetwood Mac’s history will find these lyrics relatable and juicy AF.

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Fun Fact: Stevie Knicks was about to hit the cutting room floor!! According Girlyboi, “Alex and I fleshed the song out, our engineer added piano and when the cellist came in that was a wrap. A track, that almost didn’t make the cut, ended up being maybe our favorites”.

Girlyboi has since released two EPs called “Actual Woman” in 2015 and “Good Looks” in 2016.  Publications like NoiseyBillboard, V magazine, and i-D have taken notice in this kick-ass band and you need to as well (trust me!!). They have plans to tour in October so go out and buy a ticket (or two) ASAP!!

Check out their new single below and get ready to fall in love again and visit Girlyboi’s website for more info.

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