[Premiere] Francesca Calls Out All the Ghosters With Her New Single

All of us know what it’s like to be “ghosted,” in this effed up world of dating apps and text messaging.

How many times have you been texting a dude, when things are seemingly going great, only for him to disappear and see those little words “Read at 3:42 a.m.” appear and go forever unanswered? As Cher from Clueless would say, “Way harsh, Tai.”

So don’t be sad, it’s happened to us all — some of your girls may also have been on the other side and left some poor dude mystified! So the road goes both ways my friend, and to prove that you’re not the only one, singer Francesca has a new song all about the feels behind the horrible act.

Francesa describes her dating life as being “unsuccessful,” and says that she actually found herself to be the one ghosting the dudes! She says that after writing the song, she realized “ghosting” can have a larger meaning in that you can lose touch with other friendships and relationships in your life. Francesca sings overtop a groovy dance beat in a blues-y vibey tone, “Did you lose my number?” and “I’m starting to wonder, why you been ghosting me?”

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When it comes to her thoughts on whether people should just outright tell each other they aren’t interested?

“It definitely depends on the circumstances,” she said. “If it’s someone you’ve just met on a night out or have only hung out with a few times I think it’s safe to say you can just pretend you got a new phone number.  But if you’ve been with the person for quite some time it’s important that you tell them you’re no longer interested as opposed to just disappearing.”

She went on:

“No one likes confrontation but we have to to respect people and be mindful of their feelings. Sometimes it’s better to tell someone something they don’t want to hear rather than not say anything at all. This not only applies to dating and relationships but friendships and co-workers as well. You can be ghosted by anyone.”

Take a listen to the groove-tastic tune here, and give Francesca a follow on the socials.



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