[PREMIERE] Effie Liu Releases ‘Gimme All Yer Money’ Video

Effie Liu describes “Gimme All Yer Money” as a vibey, braggadocious track, and she’s not wrong. The bubblegum-haired indie singer cites her biggest influences as No Doubt, Blondie and Spongebob Squarepants, but this particular video was inspired by Effie’s love for the costume design in 1979 flick The Warriors. “It inspired me to design the back patches for the jackets in my video,” she told Galore. “I knew Blair Waters would be the perfect director to team up with for this project because we both love that same vintage aesthetic. We wanted to show the girl gang having a good time together and present it like a video scrapbook, so I rounded up a few of my girl friends to join me on a road trip to Connecticut, and film it for the video.”

See the video below and follow Effie on Soundcloud and Twitter for updates on her upcoming EP.

Photo courtesy of Shirley Yu

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