[PREMIERE] Dana Williams is a Timeless Beauty in “Come Back”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Dana Williams creates gorgeous music that teleports listeners to simpler times, resulting in her being called “the modern day Ella Fitzgerald” by several publications. Similar to another favorite, Lana Del Rey, Williams’ music creates an atmosphere that mimics, or perhaps captures, the warm and soulful tones of decades past, providing a break from the clutter of 808 drums and synth stabs that are now ubiquitous. Despite being twenty-four, you’d think the girl had lived during the Jazz Age.

Premiering today on Galore is the music video for “Come Back,” the second single off of her sophomore EP Let’s Fall. “The song was inspired by the feeling of longing and regret after letting someone you love go and realizing how important they really were. I’ve listened to a lot of love songs that Billie Holiday sang like ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ or ‘All of Me’ and I love the melancholic quality to the lyrics,” Williams says of the track. In the video, she sits alone amongst colorful balloons and cakes—the words “Welcome Home” hanging above the couch where she perches. Waiting around for a man who never comes, she tires of lingering and begins burning flowers and photos and popping balloons. “My thoughts on love are always changing, depending on my mood,” Williams explains. “I like to think of myself as a romantic, but I also know that everything in life is temporary.

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