The Postman Dreams of Prada In Wes Anderson-Inspired Campaign

In a new campaign highlighting the fashion house’s iconic Galleria bag, Prada commissioned photographer and music video director Autumn de Wilde to create a series of five short vignettes.  Surprisingly, the resulting videos look more like a Wes Anderson film than Wes Anderson’s own Prada short in 2013.


The videos follow a sleepy postman who dreams of Prada, caressing a package that he can only hope contains the Galleria bag that he can only ever hope to carry into somebody’s apartment. While he’d undoubtably love to stay in his dream world of luxury forever, it’s only a matter of seconds before he wakes up and realizes it’s time to begin the day’s deliveries.  From there, we meet a couple comfortable enough with each other where the woman lets her beau dig through her purse, but not so comfortable that they can ascend a flight of stairs without stopping for multiple make out breaks, and a little boy, who uses his mother’s handbag as the staging ground for an epic battle for his toys and most definitely has a severe case of OCD.

The films are whimsical, if not stylistically original, exploring fashion’s role as both the luxury of dreams and the fabric of reality.  The last two vignettes, “The Tree” and “The Laundromat” have yet to be released, but here’s hoping that the postman doesn’t find himself chased up a tree with nothing but dirty, torn clothes and his dreams of luxurious, women’s handbags to keep him warm at the end of the night.


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