This post-workout drink can cure a hangover

This cute, Instagrammable drink is not only a post-workout smoothie, but it can also cure a hangover.

Après is a plant protein-based drink, created by Darby Jackson and Sonny McCracken. I tried it after a Shadowbox boxing class I took that they were hosting and was literally hooked and begging them to send me a box because it wasn’t out at the time! P.S. they’re both are super fit with glowing skin so this drink must be doing something right.

There are three delicious flavors: Mint Cacao, Chai Spiced Vanilla, and Sea Salt Chocolate which I’m obsessed with. It’s also really aesthetically pleasing which makes for great content because you know we love anything that makes our Instagram photos more chic.

Good news about the drink is it doesn’t taste like your average protein drink. It’s really delicious, feels like a treat, and it helps you keep that post-workout glow. One of the best things Darby told me is that it also helps with hangovers which is a plus in my book. 

Read below to get to know Darby Jackson and the story behind the brand and shop the drink by clicking  here!

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Why did you start Après?

I was a health coach in San Francisco before Après and worked 1 on 1 with women to help them repair their relationship with food and their body. It was a very intimate relationship that touched on all aspects of health, not just diet and exercise.

After working with my clients I began to notice a very clear pattern. Within the first or second time that we would meet, they would always ask, “What should I have after I work out?” They needed something clean and convenient to help their body recover and bridge the gap between their workout and next meal. 

Meanwhile, across town, Sonny had encountered this same issue with his fiancé. Together we recognized that this was a big and worthwhile enough problem to solve, and that creating this product and brand would allow us the opportunity to build a powerful community at the intersection of women, fitness, and nutrition. We spent over a year and a half working on the product and feel that we’ve created the best-ever post-workout drink, and one that I can finally endorse as a health coach!

Après is so chic and instagrammable. Why was that so important?

This product was inspired by the boutique fitness community. Most of those decisions took us further and further away from the more traditional, old-school male-focused protein shake, that screams biceps and muscles, on basically every dimension — from quality and types of ingredients all the way to stale packaging.

Instead, we wanted to our bottles to look fresh and clean. The design and colors are actually very similar to what some of my favorite studios look like right now. We mixed athleisure and beauty (hence the marble and florals), and wanted a beverage and bottle that is just as chic as your workout outfit. 



Tell us about how Après is made with coconut oil and coconut water, hydrating AF!

When we began designing the product, our community was very clear about what they did and did not want in the beverage. It had to be filled with clean ingredients, and be gluten, soy and dairy free, low sugar, snack sized, and convenient. We added organic virgin coconut oil because of it’s ability to help give the body fast, usable energy and also help quell hunger. We also designed the product with organic coconut water because it is rich in electrolytes and trace minerals for full body rehydration, making it perfect after a sweaty workout!


When can you drink it besides post-workout?

We’ve seen the product used in all kinds of ways. People love to have it as a snack even when they haven’t worked out. It’s perfect to help get you out of that 3 p.m. slump. We see it used a lot as a light, on-the-go breakfast or even as a coffee creamer in the morning! I’ve even had it as a dessert to help curb my sweet tooth.

I heard it can be good post-hangover, can you tell me why?

A hangover essentially means you’re dehydrated and need to replenish with fluids to feel better. Coconut water, one of the main ingredients in Après, can be great for rehydration because it’s packed with electrolytes. Potassium in particular helps bring fluid balance within the body and can prevent headaches and cramps. Try sipping on an Après when you get back from your night out or first thing in the morning.  

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