Position Of The Week: #1 The Bridge

Flipping through the Kama Sutra I thought the bridge position was going to be a position that had metaphorical meaning and would be the connection between my partner and I’s path to orgasming together, but it’s not.


The bridge position felt more like a workout that involved sex rather than a sex position, a 10-minute workout where a guy poked me and I focused on not falling. It was super hard, but it was still fun. I totally think everyone should do it at least once just to cross it off the list of positions you’ve been meaning to try (preferably when you’re both drunk so you can laugh about how funny everything is). You have to be on all fours but with the front of your body facing the ceiling – think of it as the upside down doggy and stretch before doing this!


You’re busy holding yourself up, which means the guy has to be in charge and in control of the thrusts and movements. You shouldn’t be rocking back and forth and instead be trying to clear your mind of how heavy you feel you are. Think, ‘light as a feather’ ‘cause your arms are suddenly going to feel it after minute one. Now, just like the London bridge nursery rhyme, we all fell down, we being I. I fell down, my arms felt like Jell-O from holding up my weight and I leaned too far forward and found myself rolling right off the bed. Lucky for me, he laughed at how funny the whole thing was. After fooling around and giving it another go, I got this position to work. Well, work for him at least.

The position is fun, especially if you’re into acrobatic workouts. It is the not the position to be in if you want to bang for an hour. He HAS to be holding your hips, to help keep you steady and be pulling you forward so you don’t lose your balance, you should also be telling him to stimulate your lady spot or nipple play so you can enjoy it more. The unusual angle did feel good since I was feeling his penis in a way I hadn’t before, but no orgasm is achieved here, even with clit action! While this position did feel different it wasn’t mind boggling, mainly because I wasn’t focusing on the feeling of it and was more interested in not falling and breaking my neck. Don’t worry though, the resting feeling after trying this position is orgasmic enough and now you and your man can get back into the sack and try a new position, preferably one where you can give your arms a break.

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