Portis Wasp Transports Kylie To A Disney Wonderland, Has Plans To DM Marc Jacobs

Portis Wasp is the fashion blogger, collage artist and MTV contributor of our dreams—he’s got an eye for men’s fashion, music, pop culture and well, ART. From his love of Disney to how he got his start in the industry, we chatted with Wasp about it all. Check out his collage inspired by our Kylie Jenner cover story, below.

Where did your love for collage art begin?

I’m not quite sure to be honest [LAUGHS]. I used to make trashy collages for my blog, which lead to me collaborate with photographer Scott Teitler, and creating collages with his photography was the most logical way we could work together. Late last year, I decided I wanted to stop posting selfies and bland shit on my Instagram, so I started to make little collages. I felt like it was more of a contribution to the world than posting pictures of myself shirtless in a gym locker room, you know? There are lots of people I follow who already do that. Plus, you can tell from my collages that I’m ridiculously hot in person anyway!

Favorite Disney character?

I like that little chameleon from Tangled who keeps rolling his eyes at everything [Laughs]. I think he’s called Pascal.

If you could sleep with any Disney Prince who would it be?

I mean, most of the Princes are quite bland, aren’t they? I don’t think the first thing you’d do if you just got yourself a fresh pair of legs is jump on Eric! Beast does look quite hot though, when he transforms at the end of the film into something straight out of the Dieux du Stade calendar. He’d probably get a look in. Truthfully, I’d probably end up drunkenly banging Gaston, such is my luck with men.

What cartoon were you obsessed with as a child?

Even though I spent most of the time covering my face with a cushion out of fear, I loved Scooby Doo! It was kind of like Scream, but for tiny tots.

Fashion elites all adore your work how does that feel?

Oh I don’t know about that. Is that the word on the street? I’ve certainly not received any marriage proposals yet, which is really frustrating! It is super nice to see so many great editors, designers, image makers and magazines taking an interest in my collages. And long may that continue…

What is next for you this year?

I just want to continue working with awesome creatives, see my work published in lots of great magazines and begin a sexy direct message flirtation with Marc Jacobs on Instagram. That’s all I’m planning for at least, and the rest can be a surprise. Obviously, collaging for Galore is also right up there in my list of things to kill!

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