POP.SEE.CUL Talks Making The Perfect Snarky Tee

POP.SEE.CUL designers Pia Hakko and Pelin Yasar are truly a dream team. They make the perfect combo of high quality pieces that you can wear everyday and whenever you want. They’ve always been fabulous, but with recent support from Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevingne, they’re brand has been receiving more love than ever! We are really digging POP.SEE.CUL’S snarky tees and badass button ups right now, so we decided to chat with them about their superstar brand. Read it below.

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Walk us through the making of one of your epic tees.

It starts over coffee (or drinks), where we come up with slogans that make our tees, and we quote, “epic.” We use upscale fabrics and have a fit that we know our customers enjoy. Once we figure out the design, we make sure that the pop.see.cul humor is there for the whole equation, which frequently ends with a couple of chuckles, and a final product that reflects our sense of humor. 

Where do you get inspo for your clever tee’s graphics & phrases?

Movies, songs, street signs, catch phrases… Sometimes from bitter remarks we make on the days when we feel blue. We pay attention to finding inspiration that doesn’t just reflect the current trend—far from it. We are anti-mass media while somehow staying current; we guess that is where the cleverness comes into play.

How did it feel when you found that Cara, Ellie and Lily were fans?

Imagine watching your kid graduating from university with a good degree, and by good, we mean honorary good. Cara, Ellie, and Lily are trendsetters in their own genres, yet have that “I don’t give a (pop!)” kind of laid back approach to fashion. It’s both an honor and a reward for what we love doing so much.

What are your upcoming plans / any exciting things planned for 2015?

Our minds are constantly ticking for the “next thing” for pop.see.cul. We would love to see the brand in more stores, have more events to share our lifestyle, and come up with new products that will make our customers happy.


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