POP QUIZ: Which Workout Class Should You Take?

For some of us, fitness is part of our daily routine. For others, we can’t quite remember the last time we stepped foot in a gym, even though we’re still paying for our membership and swearing that we’re going to go this week. Group classes are a great way to get in your ‘hour a day’ of exercise, and because it’s a class, you’re kind of forced to stick it through the entire thing. The trick is finding the class that best suits your needs and one that you’ll also enjoy. Well, look and ponder at the puzzling schedule of classes hanging at your local gym no more…we’ve got you covered.


1. How often do you like to workout?

A. 4-5 times a week.

B. Once or twice a week.

C. Once a month…maybe.


2. Do you listen to music when you work out?

A. Nope! Must. Focus. On. Those. Abs.

B. It’s a must. I need something to distract me.

C. I try but the stupid earbuds always slip out of my ears mid-run.


3. What is your current fitness goal?

A. To keep building my muscles.

B. To burn calories.

C. To increase flexibility and tone up.


4. When you go to the gym you mostly…

A. Pump iron, yes bro, I do lift.

B. I can run on the treadmill for a while, but that gets boring.

C. Do the elliptical for 20 minutes and try to figure out how the other machines work.


5. What time of environment do you prefer to work out in?

A. The exercises should be so hard no one has time to talk to each other.

B. I want something fun, yet fast-paced.

C. Something chill, where I can keep up.


If you answered mostly A’s… |

You don’t even need to worry about getting in shape, because you already are. A better way to keep building those muscles is by taking a BodyPump class. You’ll be surrounded by fellow fitness freaks, using barbells to shape, tone, and strengthen your entire body. Plus, all those squats are sure to make your ass look phenomenal. 

If you answered mostly B’s… |

You need a workout to reflect your outgoing personality.  A spin class is a great cardio-vascular, butt-kicking workout. Your instructors will blast music and keep it entertaining, while also keeping you motivated. SoulCycle is so popular for a reason, because it’s FUN and it totally works (some sessions can burn up to 900 calories, just sayin’).

If you answered mostly C’s… |

Strenuous exercise is obvi not your thing. So try Pilates for a more meditative, stress relieving way to get toned. It’s all about body control, focusing on your breath, and tightening up your core. You won’t get out of breath or sweaty like with high-intensity workouts, but you will become stronger and more flexible. To get results, you’ll have to stick with it though. I promise it will be easier than you think!

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