POP QUIZ: Which Kardashian Sister Is Your Spirit Animal?

There’ s no doubt about it that the Kardashian/Jenner girls run the world. Whether they’re creating fashion and beauty empires, making millions envious with their luxurious Instagram posts, or just entertaining us on Keeping Up, we can’t get enough. 

You may not be a self-made millionaire, but you can relate to them in other aspects. So are you a Kim, Kendall, Khloe, Kylie, or Kourtney?


1. You usually crush on _____.

A. Entrepreneurs.

B. Musicians.

C. Athletes.

D. No time for boyfriends, I’m in love with the hustle!

E. Bad boys that have a sweet side.


2. You’re favorite outfit is _____.

A. Classic button-up and a tight pair of jeans.

B. A formfitting dress.

C. Anything that shows off my fab ass!

D. Very girly and boho.

E. Edgy and urban, with a leather jacket thrown on.


3. What’s one beauty product you can’t get enough of?

A. I like to keep it au-natural.

B. My contouring palette.

C. Gotta keep my hair highlights looking fresh.

D. Lots of mascara.

E. Lipstick, duh.


4. You’re friends would say ____.

A. You’re the mom of the group, always taking care of others.

B. You’re always the center of attention, rightfully so.

C. You’re a jokester and can make anyone laugh till they cry.

D.  You’re a bit of a tomboy and are always up for adventure.

E. You’re the coolest among your friends and always ahead of the latest trends.


5. You’re Instagram feed is mostly full of ____.

A. Cute pictures with my friends and family.

B.  Selfies feat. major pout and cleavage!

C. Gym selfies, gotta show off all this hard work.

D. Pictures of me surfing, riding horses, or just doing something fun.

E. Pictures of my hottest outfits.


6. The best way to silence the haters is ____.

A. What haters?

B. Post a sizzlin’ selfie to prove you’re still the hottest.

C. Laugh at their ridiculous remarks.

D. Let jealous naysayers dry their tears with whatever fashion magazine spread I’m currently in.

E. Ignore them and just keep doin’ you.


7. You’re favorite getaway is ____.

A. Getting a tan at the pool.

B. Paris, it’s so sexy!

C. Partying in Las Vegas.

D. New York City.

E. A chill weekend spent at the beach, showing off my bikini.





If you answered mostly A’s… |

You’re a Kourtney! You’re classy and always there for the ones you love.


If you answered mostly B’s… |

You are literally Kim! It’s not always easy having all eyes on you, but you know you love the attention, and are good at handling it even if it’s not always positive.


If you answered mostly C’s… |

You’re Khloe! You’re always the most fun person to be around.


If you answered mostly D’s… |

You got Kendall! You’re popular but still down to earth and up for whatever!


If you answered mostly E’s… |

You’re Kylie! You’re super fashionable and always in the know. All the guys wanna date you and all the girls wanna dress like you.

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