POP QUIZ: Which Famous Rock ‘N Roll Groupie Are You?

The 1970’s are a decade we just can’t help but romanticize. Rockstars and their female counterparts, aptly named groupies, have become synonymous with the Seventies. Though groupies sometimes get a bad rep, it’s impossible not to envy their wardrobes and love-lives, and wish we could go back in time and seduce Mick Jagger too. These girls weren’t just people famous musicians slept with, they became celebrities themselves, all with their own defining personalities. Take the quiz to find out which groupie you’d be, and who you’d be shagging!

1. You’re favorite outfit is ____ .

A. A fur coat and no bra, a la Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

B. A tight, all-black, leather outfit that’ll show off my curves.

C. Something cute and mod, don’t matter much because it’s coming off later anyway.

2. You’re dream musician is ____.

A. Jimmy Page.

B. The King Himself, Elvis.

C. Jimi Hendrix.

3. When your guy goes on tour you ____.

A. Beg to go with him, to make sure he doesn’t behave badly.

B. Kiss him goodbye, knowing he’ll be using all the tricks you taught him on other girls, but its okay.

C. Don’t expect to see him again as it was most likely a one time thing.

4. Being a groupie is all about ____.

A. Serving as a muse and inspiring the music.

B. Having some fun with a hot and talented guy.

C. Being a part of the history.

5. You’re usually attracted to ____. 

A. Guitar players, they know what to do with their fingers.

B. Lead singers — obviously.

C. I’m not too picky, as long as he’s in the band!

If you answered mostly A’s… |

Congrats, you’d be Pamela Des Barres! Not only does she get to call Keith Moon, Mick Jagger, and Jimmy Page ex-lovers, she even married a rockstar too! In addition to traveling the world with Led Zeppelin, she designed some of their clothes as well. Pamela is also known for fronting her own rock band, The GTO’s, and writing several books based on her crazy experiences, in which she doesn’t leave anything out…and for that we thank her.

If you answered mostly B’s… |

You’d be Tura Satana, who famously taught Elvis Presley how to kiss and even turned down a marriage proposal from him…can you imagine?! Not all of her talents lay in the bedroom though, she was also a burlesque dancer and starred in the influential film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!  Tura is undoubtedly one of the most badass and OG groupies in history.

If you answered mostly C’s… |

You’d be Cynthia Plaster Caster! She didn’t just have sexual exploits with band dudes, she went so far as to make molds of their penises. The most important of these plaster dicks to be memorialized is that of the guitar god Jimi Hendrix. Other honorable mentions include Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra and present-day rocker Ariel Pink.

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