POP QUIZ: Test Your MTV Video Music Awards Knowledge

The VMA’s are coming up and Miley Cyrus, this year’s host, is sure to have a surprise for us viewers. But can she top twerk-gate? I’m willing to bet that this year’s show will be history in the making and chock-full of moments we’ll be making memes of for years to come.

Of course we all remember Brit and Justin’s double denim, Rose McGowan looking fine AF, and Kanye calling out Taylor Swift, but can you recall every other major pop-culture moment the MTV Video Music Awards has so graciously given the world? Test your knowledge of our favorite — and most controversial award show. If you get all the questions right, you still don’t get a moonman…sorry.

1. Who did Pete Wentz make out with at the 2006 VMA’s?

A. Ashlee Simpson

B. A monkey

C. Patrick Stump


2. Who did Eminem try to fight at the 2002 VMA’s?

A. Moby

B. Christina Aguilera

C. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog


3. Which star revealed they were pregnant at the 2011 ceremony?


A. Gwen Stefani

B. Shakira

C. Beyonce


4. During Madonna’s 2003 performance of “Like A Virgin” who kissed who first?

A. Madonna & Britney Spears

B. Madonna & Christina Aguilera

C. Madonna & Missy Elliot


5. What artist/band performed on treadmills (without falling) at the 2006 VMAs?


B. Coldplay

C. Maroon 5


6. Who grabbed Lil’ Kim’s boob while she was presenting the 1999 Best Hip Hop Video?

A. Mary J. Blige

B. Whitney Houston

C. Diana Ross


7. Who did Lady GaGa bring as date to the 2009 VMA’s?

A. Her mom

B. Kermit the Frog

C. Elton John


8. Who crashed Jay-Z’s performance of ‘Empire State of Mind’ at the 2009 VMA’s?

A. Taylor Swift

B. Lil Mama

C. Kanye West


9. What hit Nirvana bassist Kris Novoselic in the face during their 1992 performance?

A. His bass.

B. A bra.

C. Dave Grohl’s drumstick.


10. Which singer accepeted a fake award at the 2002 VMA’s?

A. Michael Jackson

B. Britney Spears

C. Justin Timberlake


11. Who danced with a live python at their 2001 performance?

A. Christina Aguilera

B. Lil’ Kim

C. Britney Spears


12. Who was Rose McGowan’s date when she wore that outfit (you know the one) at the 1998 show?

A. Quentin Tarantino

B. Marilyn Manson

C. Judy Greer


13. Which band reunited, just to break-up again later that night, at the 1996 award ceremony?

A. Van Halen

B. Guns N Roses






1. B , 2. C, 3. B, 4. B, 5. A, 6. C, 7. B, 8. A, 9. B, 10. A, 11. C, 12. B, 13. A

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