POP QUIZ: Is It True Love, Infatuation, Or Are You Just Plain Obsessed?

It can be hard to step outside of a relationship and judge your feelings for what they truly are. Even when you seek council, your friends just don’t understand! So to make it easier and force you to be honest with yourself, we’ve narrowed it down to the three most common relationships we’ve all had at one time or another. Because the sooner you recognize exactly what you’re feeling, the sooner you can do something about it— like stop driving by his house every night, or getting around to dumping his ass.

1. When I first laid eyes on him I felt:

A. I wanted to get him to notice me.

B. Madly, head-over-heels attracted to him.

C. I was more into his personality than his looks.

2. I’ve been seeing him:

A. Only in my dreams.

B. More than three months.

C. Less than three months.

3. Whenever he’s not with me:

A. I fantasize about him.

B. I feel empty inside.

C. I miss him, but feel a strong connection.

4. I look at him and see:

A. The perfect man for me, if only he’d notice me.

B. Prince Charming, Mr. Right.

C. A cool guy with some great and not-so great qualities.

5. What I like most about him is:

A. His hot bod and beautiful face.

B. How he makes me daydream about our life together.

C. How smart and charming he is.

6. When he behaves like a bad boy:

A. I think someone must have put him up to it.

B. I try to lovingly put him in his place, he’s only human.

C. I think about dumping the dude.

7. After we first met:

A. I let him know I liked him, but he hasn’t responded…yet.

B. We really got to know each other before rushing into things.

C. We starting dating immediately.

8. He treats me:

A. Like I don’t exsist.

B. With respect.

C. Nicely…most of the time.

9. The feelings I have for him:

A. Aren’t reciprocated.

B. Only get stronger.

C. Loose intensity when we haven’t seen each other for awhile.

10. The best thing he could do for me is:

A. Agree to start seeing me.

B. Just be himself.

C. Prove he loves me and shower me with gifts.

If you answered mostly A… |

Bitch, you crazy! Your feelings are based on an unrealistic image you’ve built up in your own head, and this isn’t good for anyone. It might be hurting your self-esteem that the love is unrequited, but don’t blame yourself. Stop the futile efforts and focus on a finding a real romance.

If you answered mostly B… | It’s just infatuation. Maybe you love hooking up with him or the attention he gives you. It might feel great at first, but eventually you’ll be disappointed to find out he’s not who you thought he was. Like anyone, he has flaws, but they may sometimes annoy you more than usual. Either try to be more accepting or realize it’s just not an ideal situation and let him go. 

If you answered mostly C… | Looks like the real thing! He’s definitely a keeper. You’re mature enough to see the real him and don’t put him on a pedestal. Any good relationship is built on unconditional caring and sexual attraction. Lucky you, you have both!

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