POP QUIZ: Is It Lust, Like, Or Love?

Is he your dream bae? Find out if you’re head-over-heels or headed for trouble.

1. Your man cancels your movie date at the last minute because his mom is cooking dinner. You…

(a) Pout and say okay, then drive by his house every hour to make sure he’s really at home.

(b) Show up with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

(c) Tell him you’ll call him tomorrow, then watch Real Housewives with your best friend instead.

2. You totally live for Orange Is the New Black, but he just doesn’t understand your addiction. You…

(a) Politely refuse whenever he suggests after-school/after-work activities.

(b) Are willing to miss a few episodes when he has something cool planned.

(c) Bid the show a fond farewell. Your man is more fun to look at anyway.

3. You’re hanging with your friends when his bestie mentions what a babe Kate Upton is, and your boyfriend agrees! You…

(a) Excuse yourself and make a hair appointment.

(b) Agree that she’s pretty hot. What does that have to do with you?

(c) Tune them out and start fantasizing about Ryan Gosling.

4. Everyone in his basketball league shaves their head to celebrate winning the end-of-season game. When you spot his new bald head, you…

(a) Cry. Why did he have to get rid of his beautiful hair?

(b) Miss his locks, but still think he’s the sweetest thing to come along since honey.

(c) Can’t resist calling him ‘Baldy’ for the next three weeks.

5. There’s a Sex and the City marathon on TV. You’re in your jammies, cuddled with your pillow on the couch, when he stops by for a surprise visit. You…

(a) Whip out the popcorn. Someone to cuddle with!

(b) Hide. You’re not about to let him see you covered in zit cream.

(c) Let him in, but are a teensy bit bummed that you can’t give the TV your full attention.

6. When you spot an empty seat next to him at a party, you…

(a) Ask him if the seat’s taken.

(b) Whip out a mirror, reapply your lipstick, and slowly walk by, hoping he’ll ask you to sit down.

(c) Plop into it. It was only empty because you weren’t in it yet.

7. He said he’d call on Wednesday to make plans for the weekend. Now it’s Thursday, and the phone’s only sign of life is a dial tone. You…

(a) Make other plans with your girls.

(b) Call him to see what’s up.

(c) Worry he’s losing interest. Hasn’t he been liking random girls’ Instagram pics a bit too much lately?

8. For his birthday, you…

(a) Stand in line for three hours to get him the latest Supreme drop. You know he’ll love it.

(b) Pick up a pair of Nike sneakers.

(c) Obsess for three weeks, then blow your entire savings on six different presents, and still worry he won’t like any of them.

If you chose mostly (a): Love

If you chose mostly (b): Lust

If you chose mostly (c): Like

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