Galore Crush: POP ETC Dish Fave 80s Movie Moments

POP ETC, formerly known as The Morning Benders, are a fully reinvented pop force to be reckoned with. Their debut album was a playful, high-energy and explorative taste of pop narratives- taking influence from every niche of the pop music landscape. In the midst of preparing for a sophomore album, lead singer Chris Chu gave us the inside scoop on preparing new POP ETC material, his all-time favorite ’80s movie moments and why he is all about the YOLO mantra.

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Galore Mag Pop Etc Running In Circles

“Running In Circles” is insanely catchy and it totally belongs in a legendary 80s movie- like the moment when the underdog character is running in the rain and ready to take on the world. You know? What are some of your favorite scenes from 80s movies?

Thank you, so happy to hear you say that! There are a lot of favorites. One of my absolute favorite movies is Valley Girl. The whole thing is incredible. I love the house party scene where Randy and Julie meet for the first time. There’s a great montage in it set to “I Melt With You.” It’s all amazing. Kind of an obvious one, but the opening sequence of Risky Business is insane… so eerie and beautiful and awesome. And like all the scenes with Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles.

Really looking forward to a volume two from POP ETC. Tell us about the new album!

It has been a very long process, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I wish I had more to report, but we just don’t know what it’s going to be yet. We’ve written so many songs, so at this point it’s more about honing in on a specific group of them and tying them together.

“Live It Up” was one of my favorite songs from the last record. How much does the YOLO mantra actually play into your life?

Thanks so much! Well, I don’t ever actually say “YOLO”, but I do practice YOLO every day.

Oh mighty POP ETC oracle, what absurd trend do you predict will take over 2015?

In music? I think it’s about time for 90s alternative/rock to come back. It has started a bit already I feel like, but it hasn’t fully taken hold. I’m talking like Alanis Morissette and Goo Goo Dolls and stuff. That’s not really absurd, though… not at all, in my book. I dig that stuff. Truly absurd trends? You’re going to have to ask the kids. Probably something involving a selfie stick.

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