6 Reasons Plies Can Get It

RIP to Plies‘ Instagram page, a consistent source of the most hilariously ratchet, but real-as-f***, videos on the internet. Whether he was hacked or whether he got taken down by the establishment, he will be sorely missed (come back!). To fight this injustice, we’ve written this love letter to him and to let you know why you’d definitely let him hit when he asks you for that pussy. Don’t worry though, his videos were collected by an amazing person on YouTube and we’ve included the best ones below.

1. He doesn’t let anything get in the way of giving the D: Dude has his priorities straight, always. The sound of your kid crying, someone knocking on the door, none of these will make him pause when’s inside you.

2. He won’t let these hoes play him: Nahhhh bitch, you’re going to have to get up mad early to get one over on Plies.

3. He respects that you’re DTF: When his boy tells him that he should stay away from a girl because she gives it up too easy he goes “Bruh, I f*** easy…Me and that hoe just alike!”

4. He keeps his shit clean: No bad breath kissing or messy apartments that smell like shit. None of that is romantic.

5. He knows all the tricks and won’t fall for that shit: don’t try to get him to pay your bills, fight your man, or go down on you. He ain’t about that life.

6. His southern twang when he says ‘pussy,’ gets us wet every time.


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