[PLAYLIST] Let Chantel Jeffries DJ Your Uber Ride Turn-Up

“80% of the time, I make my own memes,” Chantel Jeffries said, after I told her that I was sick of Fat Jew’s Instagram. “Maybe you can follow me instead of him. I’m pissed though, because on Snapchat, I wanted to be able to use the goat emoji for my username, but somebody else already took the goat.”

I said, “Oh? Why goats?”

“It’s like a double meaning, because it’s like, GOAT, Greatest Of All time, and the animals are just awesome. I love goats. It’s my thing. Have you ever seen the crazy things that little mini goats can do? The little baby ones do flips and headbutt each other.”

That was after we talked about a lot of other things she likes; known as the “aux cord lord” to her friends—”I’m always in an Uber, always asking for the aux cord, and always having people be like, oh shit, this is fire, so you could say…word on the street is that I’m the aux cord lord”—Chantel is breaking away from modeling to work on music, acting, and some New Year’s resolutions she developed while spending the holiday in Mexico.

“My New Year’s resolution was just to be cool with everyone. I don’t need have any problems and drama, since I’m just trying. I’m always jumping into stuff, I’ve gotta just chill.”


With a new movie, The Perfect Match out in March, Chantel says she’ll use the year to focus more on her acting. Which doesn’t mean she’s not modeling at all—Chantel starred in the new 90s-style Guess campaign casted by A$AP Rocky, where he hangs out with all of his friends in a movie theater and arcade.

“The shoot was really fun, and really crazy. We almost got arrested, since we weren’t supposed to be taking pictures in the arcade, and we were outside, and they were like, we’re going to call the police, so we were running around like fugitives.”

I changed the subject, remembering a sexy Twitter picture of Chantel wearing a sheer white number to the Star Wars premiere last month. “Did you like Star Wars?”

“I liked it, but I’m more of a Lord of The Rings girl. I loved Orlando Bloom in those movies. I loved Legolas. I’d make my mom fishtail braid my hair, and then I’d be like, I’m Legolas’ wife! I’m an elvin princess!”

And because nothing phases the Snapchat-elvin-princess-aux-cord-lord, I asked her about Justin Bieber, who even after two years, can’t seem to be separated from the media’s interest in Chantel.

“Do you get sick of people of people asking you about him?”

She laughed. “I could do without, but it’s my life, it happened. I can’t really let it bother me at this point.”

“Are the songs on the new album about you?”

“Honestly, people write songs with him and for him, so I don’t really know who they’re about. It’d be one thing for someone who writes their own songs, but it’s a little different in his case.”

I explained to her how Taylor Swift writes the initials of all those she writes her songs about in her album liner notes. I asked her what kind of alcoholic beverage she would identify as.

“A spicy margarita,” she said. “‘Cause I’m into all different things, different flavors, different moods—always spicy though.”•

See CeeJay The DJ’s Soundcloud, check out Chantel’s Instagram, and see her on Snapchat @Chanteltaleen.

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