Playboy’s First Openly Transgender Model Talks Boys

Conversations around being transgender are becoming more frequent and prevalent in popular culture, so we are so stoked to see transgender model Ines Rau featured in this month’s Playboy, shot by the awesome Ryan McGinley. Theres no doubt we’re ushering in a new age of universal acceptance. We were lucky enough to interview this bombshell, we asked her about relationships and her favorite bombshells.

How was shooting with Ryan McGinley for Playboy?
It was just beyond amazing! Ryan as his own way of doing things, which is really funny. He wants you to dance all the time, jump around and in the same time answer his questions. His assistants never stop asking and asking questions, I think it’s their technique to have you moving all the time. I loved it!

How does being transgender affect your love life?
Since I came out, boys are a little more curious and the approach is a little different. I actually prefer when the boy doesn’t know first, so everything is done naturally [laughs] so the when I tell him, he already knows that everything works very well![laughs] It’s less awkward.

How did the shoot for playboy come about? 
They where looking to write about someone like me. They actually did a huge search all around the world but they didn’t find what they were looking for. They wanted a transgender model that was extremely feminine, young, natural, lookalike but also very comfortable with it. I think I was very lucky.

You are one of the first out transgender woman to be featured in Playboy  since 
Tula The Transexual Bond Girl AKA Caroline Cossey posed for Playboy Magazine in 1981, how have things changed ?
I mean the world is more open, but at the end of a day I am a woman. That’s what I explain to people, I’m just changing what Mother Nature has done. I don’t feel like being part of the transgender community or any other community. It’s just someone who has changed how they identify. Playboy wanted to celebrate that and educated people about the subject as most of the people have a really difficult and not so healthy image about the situation.


Did you always know deep down inside you wanted to be this fabulous beautiful woman that you are today?
OH YES! Since I was little I knew it and I’m really glad my parents were open minded enough to support me and help me to become what I was supposed to be.

Being born a boy you must really understand men which most of us girls don’t. Do you have any tips on snagging the perfect man?
Yes I do know men better than most of women…I think! Men are so bored of girls who are too girly, they want to be pushed and controlled and a woman who asserts her appeal. Women who are just about their nails or hair all the time are so boring. Boyish rock n’ roll girls are really sexy to me and trust me…to men too! Example: ask a man out on a date and pinch him! He will love it! [laughs]

Are you currently dating any special guy at the moment? If not, what kind of men do you like?
I am dating someone yes, an actor someone really really famous so it’s an absolute secret and it’s really exiting! I can tell you that he’s English [laughs]. Nothing more!

Who are your top 5 female icons?
Grace Kelly, Grace Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Amanda Lear (in the 60’s), Dalida!

If you could shoot with any photographer who would it be and why? That Mario Sorenti for Vogue Paris! I think he is the new Helmut Newton.

What can you tell people about Ines that they don’t know?
People don’t know how sensitive and emotional I am. I am dreaming of the charming prince taking me away on a white horse. I’m a strong an confident woman, but a sensitive fragile little bird inside, scared but exited about discovering the world after the coming out. It’s like the beginning of a New Adventure. The adrenaline level is beyond!

Go and pick up the May issue of Playboy now on stands to see all of INES

Ines is represented by Marilyn Model Agency

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